Thursday, January 7, 2021

A Feng Shui Home is a Blessing


During this time of the pandemic a Feng Shui home is a blessing. A home that has good Feng Shui is your sanctuary, your refuge from the outside world. It works to nourish you, builds your energy, surrounds you with what you love, and calms you by bringing you peace and harmony. When you are in that space, you are clear of mind to make wise decisions and be aware of opportunities coming your way.

What does a Feng Shui home look like?  Here are a few ideas – think of a” CLEAN”  home:

1.       C- No Clutter, everything clean and organized.

2.       L - Lots of natural Light throughout the house.

3.      E - A beautiful, clearly defined Entry, without clutter, with flowers, colorful pots, and windchimes.

4.       A - Surround yourself with Art, colors, and items you love. Remove anything broken or you dislike.

5.       N - Bring Nature into your home with plants and flower arrangements.

These are just a few ideas to get you started.  Remember that when you open you front door and enter your home you should feel like saying,  “Ahh,  I’m in the home I love, all is well.” 

That feeling is a Feng Shui home!

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Invite Good Luck into Your Home with Feng Shui

The New Year is upon us and it’s time to shake up the energy and bring good luck into your homes. Feng Shui can help!  One way to invite luck into one’s home is to call in positive Ch’i through the front entrance. 

The Entrance Foyer is more than just the entry way inside your home or business. The area leading up to your front door, the actual threshold itself, and the area immediately inside your home or business (the foyer) are all considered part of your front entrance. This area is critical because this is the place of your guests’ first impressions and where the vital energy, called Ch’i, enters your home.  The word “entrance” means to “en – trance” your guests, and welcome them with beauty. By making your entrance fabulous you also attract and nourish the Ch’i to bring good luck and fortune your way.  

Here are a few easy tips for sprucing up your entrance and inviting good luck and happiness into your home:

1) Make sure you have good lighting in your entrance.

2) Sweep, and tidy up your front steps, porch or sidewalk.

3) Keep your home numbers visible, clean and polished

4) Hang a wind chime in your foyer. 


5) Hang nine bells on a red cord by the front door. The sound stimulates the Ch’i, nine is the number of  fulfillment and red symbolizes luck. 

6) Hang a beautiful wreath on your front door, and change the decorations seasonally.


7) Place fresh flower in your entry way. 


8) Place an attractive welcome mat outside and area rug inside.

9) If your home is at the end of a cul-de-sac or at a T intersection, hang a mirror facing oncoming cars to block the negative energy.

10) Finally place an object of beauty to be seen immediately as you open the door, ideally              representing  all five of the Feng Shui elements.


Each of these easy ideas will help welcome positive energy and good luck into your home and life for the New Year.  Blessings!

Friday, November 13, 2020

Feng Shui Home Blessings with the Five Elements

Lately I've been blessed with numerous clients who are using this sheltering in place time to have virtual Feng Shui consultations to enhance the energy in their homes. 

I recently had the opportunity to bless a home which was under a large remodeling process. With masks on the client, another student,  and myself began the ceremony  to invite positive energy to the project. 

We began with getting in tune with the existing energies in the space, especially in the three rooms where construction was happening.

I lit sage and chanted "Om Mani  Padme Hum" (a meditation mantra for transformation) nine times in each corner, and around the room while my clients rang bells and chimes. In each room the client then stated her affirmation for the space. 


The ceremony involved all of Feng Shui’s Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water), plus items that anchor and enhance each area of the Bagua.  I created three five element offerings:  a white, round bowl (metal) filled with water (water), with a red floating candle (fire) and a yellow flower (earth and wood).  After the clearing we left a bowl in each of the three spaces we cleared and blessed.  I anticipate a smooth completion of the project. 


A space-clearing ceremony makes every space feel fresh and new. It's the perfect way to give yourself a fresh start. 

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Enjoying Good Family Health Practices is Good Feng Shui

To create a good Feng Shui foundation for a healthy home and family you have to begin with a few basic Feng Shui health practices.

1) During these times of sheltering in place and social distancing, many families are finding creative ways to exercise together; whether going on nature walks, bicycling, doing home exercise routines and yoga. Parents modeling these practices with their children are helping to create healthy inner Feng Shui. 


2) One of the most effective practices is to create a clutter free space. Clutter drains your energy, which will effect your health and that of your entire family.  Begin in the room most used by your family, or maybe where you plan to exercise together and give yourself the gift of a peaceful space without piles which create unnecessary stress in your life. 

3) Surround yourself with good air quality. You may want to get an air purifier, essential oils or just open the windows if fresh air is available. Air purifying plants are a wonderful way to clear the air and bring the healthy aspects of the Wood element into your home; choose from Spider Plant, Boston Fern, Areca Palm, Snake Plant, Weeping Fig, Peace Lily or Bamboo Palm to name a few.  Good air circulation leads to good Feng Shui. 

4) Along with air circulation the body reacts better to sufficient natural light. Try to open those curtains to receive as much natural light as possible, because the quality of light adds to your health and well being. Also, be aware of the quality of light in your home and avoid florescent lights when possible. 

With a few easy steps you can create a home environment that nourishes you and your family every day.


Thursday, October 8, 2020

Feng Shui Daily Thankfulness Pumpkin

So much of Inner Feng Shui has to do with expressing gratitude. Blessings come in many forms, and expressing gratitude and enthusiasm for even the smallest blessings has been found to lead to a happier more fulfilling life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity or pain; which will lead to a more rewarding and harmonious day? What if you began each day expressing gratitude for one thing in your life, big or small?

With Thanksgiving approaching, my  husband and I bought a holiday pumpkin and each night at dinner we each write one thing we're thankful for on it with a permanent marker. It will be completed by Thanksgiving and adorn our holiday table reminding us of all our blessings. 

What if you commit to Thanksgiving every day; giving thanks every day of the year? The simple act of a phone call, sending a note card, giving a hug, smile or a simple thank you can enliven another as well as yourself, and begin a karmic chain of events. 

Magic can be felt in expressing gratitude. Wishing you many blessings!

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Using Feng Shui to Create a Positive Home Learning Environment

Feng Shui is all about creating a positive energy field in your environment, that then transfers to you and affects your life. When your home energy is cluttered, messy and stuck you feel the same way.  Due to the Corona Virus most children are having to experience school  at home.  How does your child’s home classroom space effect their learning? 

Look to Feng Shui to help them succeed.  The purpose of Feng Shui in a child’s home classroom is to create a healthy, happy environment that fosters education, increased self esteem, and happy relationships with parents and teachers.  Children and parents can enjoy success  if the environment supports them. 

Suggestions for Children’s Home Classroom:

• Create a space for study  - Having a dedicated space, including  a desk and lamp where your child can study, demonstrates to your child the importance you place on education and your child’s educational achievement. Remember that the desk should be in the power position facing the door. The child should not have his/her back to the door or to a window. In Feng Shui, sitting with your back to a window, especially when working or studying, means you don’t have solid support and there isn’t anything to back you up. Sitting with your back to a window makes you vulnerable to anything behind you. Having a back to the door disempowers the child and keeps them distracted by always having to look back. It’s important that they have  their backs to a solid wall. 

• Display Achievements and Accomplishments:  Keep the energy calm and positive. Change from decorative themes that are flying, falling, driving, or running to a motif that is calm and tranquil. Include educational reminders, inspirational posters and self-esteem boosters. You can also use art and photos in a subtle way to achieve the desired results; of course, it is always a self esteem builder to use your children's art.  I always find that a picture of a mountain at the child’s back adds strength and support. 

• Possessions: Avoid clutter. Keep the work space neat and organized with everything needed in easy reach.  

• Colors: Locate where the best area for the educational work space in relation to the home’s Bagua and enhance with recommendations below. 

Connecting Your Child’s  School Workplace  to the Bagua:

The Feng Shui Bagua (Ba-gua) Map is known as an environmental treasure map helping you locate specific energies in your home.  Wherever your child’s workspace is located on the Bagua, use some of the attributes of that sector to aid in your decoration. Always remember to keep the area calm.

A Sample of Children’s Work space Enhancements using the Bagua:                                                                                                                                                                                       

CAREER – Front Center –Calm water scenes, inspirational posters related to school                                                                            success

KNOWLEDGE/SELF CULTIVATION– Left Front Corner – Live plants, art depicting wooded                                                                                                                 areas, pastel green

FAMILY/FRIENDS/HEALTH – Left Center - Plants, pastel green, pictures of flowers and                                                                                                  family

WEALTH – Back Left Corner – Plants with rounded leaves,  symbols of wealth, pastel                                                                                  lavender

FAME – Back Center –Diplomas, awards and acknowledgements, inspirational posters,                                                                pastel shades of red

LOVE – Right Back Corner – Pairs of items,  pastel shades of red or pink

CHILDREN/CREATIVITY – Right Center –Art depicting children, whites, pastels, whimsical                                                                                        items

HELPFUL PEOPLE/TRAVEL– Right Front Corner –Travel posters, art depicting spiritual                                                                                                              guides, or pictures of  teachers

CENTER –Pastel earth tones, items in the shape of squares, rectangles and ceramics

Serenity is the goal – when you calm the environment you calm the child, and allow for creativity and learning to blossom.  Using Feng Shui  to help you create a motivating work space will lead to motivation towards learning and higher achievement. 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Inner Feng Shui Blessings

During this time of sheltering in place we have the opportunity to practice your Inner Feng Shui which is as important as enhancing your home. Inner Feng Shui helps to calm you, bring you inner peace and strengthens your immune system by lightening  your behavior load:

Are there behaviors in your life that make you unhappy?  For example: always being late, procrastinating, not getting enough sleep, overeating, lack of exercise, being critical and negative, being overly stressed.  Unhappiness with your behavior serves to drain you on a daily basis. On the other hand good Feng Shui nourishes you. Therefore as you enter this transformation begin small; choose one behavior you want to change and write it down as a positive affirmation, for example, if you are always late the affirmation would say, “I make sure to leave enough extra time when I go somewhere to ensure I am on time.”  Focus on that behavior, elicit the help of friends and reward yourself for small accomplishments.

As you let go of the negative fill yourself with behaviors that help transform you:

1) Show gratitude

2) Meditate - I've been listening to "YouTube Loving Kindness Meditations"each morning

3) Breathe deeply

4) Listen to music

5) Laugh It Off

6) Exercise

7) Spend time with friends – even if it’s only by socially distancing video or phone chats

8) Help others

Take time to rejuvenate your system and watch opportunities come your way