Thursday, October 8, 2020

Feng Shui Daily Thankfulness Pumpkin

So much of Inner Feng Shui has to do with expressing gratitude. Blessings come in many forms, and expressing gratitude and enthusiasm for even the smallest blessings has been found to lead to a happier more fulfilling life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity or pain; which will lead to a more rewarding and harmonious day? What if you began each day expressing gratitude for one thing in your life, big or small?

With Thanksgiving approaching, my  husband and I bought a holiday pumpkin and each night at dinner we each write one thing we're thankful for on it with a permanent marker. It will be completed by Thanksgiving and adorn our holiday table reminding us of all our blessings. 

What if you commit to Thanksgiving every day; giving thanks every day of the year? The simple act of a phone call, sending a note card, giving a hug, smile or a simple thank you can enliven another as well as yourself, and begin a karmic chain of events. 

Magic can be felt in expressing gratitude. Wishing you many blessings!

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Using Feng Shui to Create a Positive Home Learning Environment

Feng Shui is all about creating a positive energy field in your environment, that then transfers to you and affects your life. When your home energy is cluttered, messy and stuck you feel the same way.  Due to the Corona Virus most children are having to experience school  at home.  How does your child’s home classroom space effect their learning? 

Look to Feng Shui to help them succeed.  The purpose of Feng Shui in a child’s home classroom is to create a healthy, happy environment that fosters education, increased self esteem, and happy relationships with parents and teachers.  Children and parents can enjoy success  if the environment supports them. 

Suggestions for Children’s Home Classroom:

• Create a space for study  - Having a dedicated space, including  a desk and lamp where your child can study, demonstrates to your child the importance you place on education and your child’s educational achievement. Remember that the desk should be in the power position facing the door. The child should not have his/her back to the door or to a window. In Feng Shui, sitting with your back to a window, especially when working or studying, means you don’t have solid support and there isn’t anything to back you up. Sitting with your back to a window makes you vulnerable to anything behind you. Having a back to the door disempowers the child and keeps them distracted by always having to look back. It’s important that they have  their backs to a solid wall. 

• Display Achievements and Accomplishments:  Keep the energy calm and positive. Change from decorative themes that are flying, falling, driving, or running to a motif that is calm and tranquil. Include educational reminders, inspirational posters and self-esteem boosters. You can also use art and photos in a subtle way to achieve the desired results; of course, it is always a self esteem builder to use your children's art.  I always find that a picture of a mountain at the child’s back adds strength and support. 

• Possessions: Avoid clutter. Keep the work space neat and organized with everything needed in easy reach.  

• Colors: Locate where the best area for the educational work space in relation to the home’s Bagua and enhance with recommendations below. 

Connecting Your Child’s  School Workplace  to the Bagua:

The Feng Shui Bagua (Ba-gua) Map is known as an environmental treasure map helping you locate specific energies in your home.  Wherever your child’s workspace is located on the Bagua, use some of the attributes of that sector to aid in your decoration. Always remember to keep the area calm.

A Sample of Children’s Work space Enhancements using the Bagua:                                                                                                                                                                                       

CAREER – Front Center –Calm water scenes, inspirational posters related to school                                                                            success

KNOWLEDGE/SELF CULTIVATION– Left Front Corner – Live plants, art depicting wooded                                                                                                                 areas, pastel green

FAMILY/FRIENDS/HEALTH – Left Center - Plants, pastel green, pictures of flowers and                                                                                                  family

WEALTH – Back Left Corner – Plants with rounded leaves,  symbols of wealth, pastel                                                                                  lavender

FAME – Back Center –Diplomas, awards and acknowledgements, inspirational posters,                                                                pastel shades of red

LOVE – Right Back Corner – Pairs of items,  pastel shades of red or pink

CHILDREN/CREATIVITY – Right Center –Art depicting children, whites, pastels, whimsical                                                                                        items

HELPFUL PEOPLE/TRAVEL– Right Front Corner –Travel posters, art depicting spiritual                                                                                                              guides, or pictures of  teachers

CENTER –Pastel earth tones, items in the shape of squares, rectangles and ceramics

Serenity is the goal – when you calm the environment you calm the child, and allow for creativity and learning to blossom.  Using Feng Shui  to help you create a motivating work space will lead to motivation towards learning and higher achievement. 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Inner Feng Shui Blessings

During this time of sheltering in place we have the opportunity to practice your Inner Feng Shui which is as important as enhancing your home. Inner Feng Shui helps to calm you, bring you inner peace and strengthens your immune system by lightening  your behavior load:

Are there behaviors in your life that make you unhappy?  For example: always being late, procrastinating, not getting enough sleep, overeating, lack of exercise, being critical and negative, being overly stressed.  Unhappiness with your behavior serves to drain you on a daily basis. On the other hand good Feng Shui nourishes you. Therefore as you enter this transformation begin small; choose one behavior you want to change and write it down as a positive affirmation, for example, if you are always late the affirmation would say, “I make sure to leave enough extra time when I go somewhere to ensure I am on time.”  Focus on that behavior, elicit the help of friends and reward yourself for small accomplishments.

As you let go of the negative fill yourself with behaviors that help transform you:

1) Show gratitude

2) Meditate - I've been listening to "YouTube Loving Kindness Meditations"each morning

3) Breathe deeply

4) Listen to music

5) Laugh It Off

6) Exercise

7) Spend time with friends – even if it’s only by socially distancing video or phone chats

8) Help others

Take time to rejuvenate your system and watch opportunities come your way


Thursday, August 6, 2020

Use Feng Shui to Anchor Your Wealth Corner and Watch Your Prosperity Grow

How wonderful to be surrounded by positive energy! Who wouldn’t want to wake up feeling positive and energized every day?  There’s a way; through Feng Shui your environment can surround you with the energy you need to nourish you on a daily basis.

One of the most powerful ways to create positive change is to apply the Bagua Map to your home and enhance each area. The results can me magical!

The Bagua:
One of the most powerful and important tools in Feng Shui is the Bagua (Ba-gua) Map, represented as a grid of nine sectors.  I call this the “Treasure Map” to enhancements.  The Bagua comes from the Chinese Book of Changes, “The I Ching,” and literally means “eight trigrams.” These trigrams form the basic building blocks, or treasures that hold the most significance in our lives: career, knowledge/self cultivation, family/health, wealth/prosperity, fame, love/marriage, children/creativity, and helpful people/travel.  Each of these building blocks is represented in the Bagua map, and is formed around a ninth sector which is the overall center, or grounding element of your life.

Using the Bagua:
This grid, illustrating the nine sectors (treasures) of your life is intended to be superimposed over the floor plan of your home.  The home’s main entrance is always located at the bottom of the grid, (in the knowledge, career or helpful people sector). Stand facing the front entrance of the building as if you were about to step inside. This is called the “Mouth of Ch’i” and will be your vantage point for determining the orientation of the Bagua map for the whole building. Once you have identified where your entrance falls in relation to the map, you can identify where the remaining areas of your environment fall.  Now your home can begin to tell the story, and shed some light on issues you may be facing in your life. 

If any of the sectors or building block areas are stuck, or missing thereby causing you stress then personal enhancements using the Bagua Map are the way to go. The key is to activate and keep the Ch’i (vital energy) flowing inside through your home. 

Missing Areas:
The ideal shape for a Feng Shui friendly house is rectangular, with all the corners within the Bagua. We know that in the western culture few houses are built like that; most have one or more corners missing.  The four corners are the most important and can be closed in or “anchored” on a variety of ways.

With the focus on Wealth and Prosperity look to the back left corner and find the anchoring method which best fits your property. 

Anchoring Missing Bagua Areas:

1) Structurally – You can literally complete the missing area with a structure such as a room                addition, a porch, adding a deck, arbor, trellis etc. as long as the structure has enough                   substance to be considered part of the building. 

2) Symbolically - You can also complete the missing area by placing a symbolic addition;                    something that defines the missing area. You can do this by locating the exact corner and              placing a large item representing the Bagua area (examples but not limited to)

Wealth – Fountain, purple gazing ball, purple leaf tree 
Place a 360 degree bubbling fountain in the exact missing corner for prosperity to flow
Anchor with a water feature as in this  burgundy spa tub
A structural anchor is made by extending the arbor at the top
Another form of fountain in the color purple
Anchoring with a purple gazing ball

Other anchoring ideas for the remaining 3 corners: 

Love – Two seat bistro set, large red flowering plant, red gazing ball
Helpful People – Boulder, sculpture, white metal seating, silver gazing ball
Knowledge – Large tree, statue, blue or green gazing ball, wooden seating

3) If there is no room for a symbolic addition – You can locate the missing corner and do one of the  following: 

On lawn – Bury a quartz crystal with its point up at the exact corner (also use inside                                  anchoring)
On cement – Mark the  exact corner with a small symbol such as a heart, tree, circle or                               triangle  (also use inside anchoring)

4) Inside Anchoring – Mirroring the indented walls closest to the missing Bagua area will make the indentation seem to disappear, and enhance the circulation of Ch’i within the missing area. This can also be done by hanging a 30 mm round faceted crystal in front of a window in the indented  wall.  Use art and personal enhancements representing Bagua area in this indented area to further enhance the Ch’i.

5) Enhance the Area in Every Room – Missing home areas make it important to enhance that    location in every room. For instance if the Love area is missing from your home and you want to    increase romance, place the Bagua at the entrance of each room, locate the love corner and something red, a pair of items, a picture of a couple or a representation of romance in each of the back right corners. 

Enhancements for Anchoring Missing Corners:
Knowledge and Self Cultivation: Wood items, trees, blue or green tones, florals, stripes

Wealth and Prosperity: Water features, flags/whirligigs, purple trees, purple, dark blue or                          red tones
Love and Marriage: Pairs of items, red or pink tones, seating for two, items in pairs,                                 romantic art

Helpful People: Stone or metal sculptures, boulders, metal seating, white or grey tones,                             art representing spiritual guides, mentors or mountains. 

Use your imagination! Keeping the Ch’i within the confines of your home keeps you surrounded and nourished with the positive energy you need to thrive. Anchor your Bagua and enjoy the difference!

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Staying Zen Through Chaos with Feng Shui

Staying home for over four months though this Pandemic with no end in sight can be very stressful. But there are opportunities to use Feng Shui principles to help you stay focused, creative and calm. Here are seven easy ideas to help you through these difficult times. 

  1. First of all Feng Shui is all about keeping a calm house and calm mind. Take this time to declutter and enhance your home. Work on cleaning out piles, closets, garages. Take on projects you’ve been postponing like painting rooms, redecorating and adding beauty to your home. We call this “moving the Ch’i”.

  2.  Calm your mind and body through meditation, yoga, walking, bike riding, etc.. Stay safe while breathing in calm and release yourself from negative thoughts.

  3.  Express your creativity. Many of my friends are using this opportunity to paint, play a musical instrument, write, garden, bake, sew, learn a new language, read and work on crafts and  projects to name a few. A creative mind is a healthy positive mind.

  4.  Keep as much of a daily routine as possible.  Routine helps our brains and bodies focus on what we can control.

  5.  Stay socially connected through phone calls, emails, texts, and video chats. Social distancing is not social isolation. Humans need contact with others. Share your positive attitude with others, especially the elderly and lonely. 

  6.  Limit your news watching and negative social media. Stay informed but don’t let the negativity and fear consume your life.

  7.  Begin your day by expressing gratitude. Work on your inner Feng Shui by writing three things or people you are grateful for and express those thoughts. This will increase your physical and mental health. You have a lot to be grateful for.
My meditation mantra is, "I let go of fear, insecurity and judgement. I breathe in peace, love, calm. I am blessed."

Stay safe, calm and healthy While letting Feng Shui principles guide you. Blessings!

Thursday, June 25, 2020

In Feng Shui Moving Art in Your Home Yields Amazing Results

They say that, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  What is your art telling you?

In Feng Shui our homes can become nurturing places for us mentally, physically and spiritually. To accomplish this we have to make sure that our surroundings accurately reflect who we are as individuals and who we aspire to become. Keep the energy in your home vital by treating it as an important aspect of your life. We are all different and therefore we are fortunate that there are numerous ways to enhance the energy flow in your home. Feng Shui is not just about hanging crystals. It’s about finding the personal Ch'i enhancers that match your personality and style. 

Ch'i enhancers are the basic Feng Shui tools that are used as remedies for treating, stabilizing, enhancing and balancing the energy in any environment. The ten Ch;i enhancers are: 1) Art – paintings, sculptures, collages, collections and textiles, 2) Colors – find the hues that you love, 3) Crystals – round faceted to circulate Chi, 4) Lighting – electrical, candles, oil, natural light, 5) Living things – plants, flowers, animals,  6) Mirrors – the bigger the better except for bedrooms and dining rooms,  7) Objects of nature – rocks, shells, seeds, potpourri, 8) Sound Makers – wind chimes, bells, musical instruments, 9) Whirligigs  - mobiles, flags, 10) Water Features – fountains, ponds, birdbaths, aquariums.

Of all of these I find that enhancing with art and colors, is the easiest because they have the most powerful effect on people and their personal energy.  Art is the soul of a room; it gives it energy and life, and it is easy to identify how it enhances the Feng Shui of a space.  To enhance the Ch'i in your home choose art that elicits positive feelings and makes your heart sing. Remember that in Feng Shui everything is alive and is constantly talking to you. What you surround yourself with can nourish or drain you, therefore ensure that every art piece in your home is one that you love, and that portrays a serene or inspirational subject matter. Art depicting violence, death, distortion or negativity is not recommended. 

To get the most benefit from art and colors match them with the function of each room. Choose romantic and sensual for the bedroom; lively, colorful art for the living room; powerful and motivational for the home office.   Use the Bagua map to help you choose the appropriate art and colors that correlate with the goals in your life. The Feng Shui  Bagua (Ba-gua) Map, represented  as a grid of eight sectors, with the Center being the grounding Force comes from the Chinese philosophy, “The I Ching,” and literally means “eight trigrams.” Each of the nine areas is associated with colors and art representations. If you want romance and your Love and Marriage Area is in the dining room, choose art that’s romantic and appropriate for your dining area. If you wish to improve your health, and your Health and Family area is in the bathroom, display art that evokes radiant health and vitality. 

Here is a list of Art and Color recommendations for enhancing each Bagua area of your home or business:

Career Area:
 * Art - paintings, photos, collages pertaining to moving water (oceans, rivers etc.), asymmetrical shapes, and black frames   
* Colors – Black or shiny dark colors

Knowledge and Self Cultivation Area:
* Art - paintings, photos, collages representing calm nature scenes (forests, ferns, vineyards etc.), columnar shapes, and wooden frames   
* Colors – Blue and green


Friends, Family, Health Area:
* Art - paintings, photos, collages representing fresh, healthy vibrant flowers, family, friends and/or you in a healthy state, columnar shapes, and wooden frames   
* Colors – Blue, green and floral


Wealth and Prosperity Area:
* Art - paintings, photos, collages or figures representing opulence and wealth, tall round leaf plants, bubbling fountains,  triangular, cone shapes, and wooden frames   
* Colors – Purples, blues, reds

Fame Area:
* Art - paintings, photos, collages or figures representing fame, animals, birds, stars suns, fire, upward movement, inspirational quotes,  triangular, cone shapes, and wooden frames   
* Colors – Red

Love and Marriage area:
* Art - paintings, photos, collages or figures representing romance, pairs of items, pictures of you and your significant other,  triangular, cone shapes, and wooden frames   
* Colors – Reds and pinks


Children and Creativity Area:
* Art - paintings, photos, collages or figures representing creativity and whimsy, pictures of children or child art, triangular, round shapes, and metal frames   
* Colors – Whites and pastels


Helpful People and Travel Area:
* Art - paintings, photos, collages or figures pertaining to spiritual guides, and/or mentors, places you have traveled to or aspire to visit, pictures of mountains or natural stone, circular shapes, metal frames   
* Colors – White and grey

Center Area:
* Art - paintings, photos, collages or figures representing earth scenes, deserts, wheat fields, yellow flowers or  trees, rectangular shapes, metal frames   
* Colors – Yellows and earth tones

Exciting Feng Shui Testimonials

Its exciting to see the positive changes Feng Shui has made in peoples lives. Here are a few testimonials from my clients through the years:

" The effects of Feng Shui on my business have been incredible. From the time we did the consultation and the actual corrections, we experienced positive results. From that moment forward the flood gates opened. This year has been unbelievably successful."

" Feng Shui certainly contributed to the huge turnaround in my life.  It allowed for my new relationship to blossom! A 7-month long distance friendship has been transformed into a full blown romance."

" Because of my enhancements  I have had a lot of opportunity for travel and more to come this year."

Read more testimonials from successful consultations on:

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Going Within with Feng Shui

Although we speak mainly of Feng Shui enhancing your environment to help you achieve your life goals,  it is also important to remember that Feng Shui is  about “wholeness”;  it’s about also going within to enhance your inner self.  In Feng Shui everything is connected so enhancing your inner and outer domain simultaneously will lead you to achieve peace and harmony.

Especially in this time of world strife, look to your inner growth and healing by exploring your thoughts and feelings in a positive way.  Evolving and learning from past mistakes is what makes the difference.  You can’t do anything about the length of your life, but you can definitely do something about its width and depth. 

Think about looking within, acknowledging what gives you stress and breathe in calm, peace, and most of all love. Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible yet so powerful that it is transformational. Breathe in love and you will bend versus being broken. 

This is the time to look within and choose to love one another. Look at stopping the oppression that spans over 400 years, acknowledge that Black Lives Matter, that to heal we need to love and respect one another. Let’s move forward learning from the mistakes of the past. 

A dear Feng Shui teacher, Karen Carrasco wrote about this tumultuous year referencing the year of the Yang Metal Rat. She states that we are currently experiencing too much Yang Metal in the world uncovering the toxic patterns that have been buried for years. She asks, “How do we proceed?”  In the nourishing cycle of the 5 Feng Shui elements the Fire element controls Metal.  Fire is found in love which resides in each of us. 

We proceed by going within, choosing love, and bringing balance and harmony back to yourself and the world.


Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Feng Shui Room with a View

When I ask my students and clients what area of their home they love the most and why, their general response is a room with a lot of light and a view. Why this response? Because nature nourishes us! 

During this time of being sheltered in place to stay safe many are turning to gardens. These can be spacious, lush outside areas or small balconies with a collection of colorful plants. They nourish us with their peacefulness,  and research has shown that having fresh flowers in your home, or being able to look at flowers outside, can actually reduce levels of pain and stress.  A study performed by the American Horticulture Society found that people exposed to flowers had lower blood pressure and heart rate and lower ratings of pain and anxiety. This is why enhancing your home, patio and/or garden with healthy flowers is so beneficial during dark periods of your life.     

Having a room with a view of a calming garden scene will help you create a peaceful retreat and evoke feelings of calm. Add calming sounds, like a trickle of water from a fountain or the soft gong of a wind chime to help set a more serene scene. Design a spot for reading and relaxing by adding a comfortable bench. Welcome bees, butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden by planting wildflowers or various pollinator plants creating beauty as well as helping the environment.

There is so much joy from being able to stroll through your garden or just enjoy it through your room with a view.

Stay centered and safe. Flowers can help!   

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Unleash Your Creative Drive Through Feng Shui

Being sheltered in place has unleashed people’s creativity and the way they navigate through life.

Did you know that by applying some easy Feng Shui principles to your home can give you the spark of motivation and creativity you need?  Your space is more than happy to help you create the life that you want; all you need to do is shift the energy and visualize. What a wonderful opportunity we have during this down time.

Use the acronym DRVN to spark the drive within you.

Here are 4 easy ways your home can help you energize you and your creativity:

1) Declutter:  Piles of old, forgotten, unused items cluttering your home will stifle your creativity. The more clutter, the less creative you could be.  Make decisions about your things and clear them out, with the intention that new energy, creative ideas and opportunities will come your way.

2) Redecorate a room or just rearrange some items in your home; this changes the perception of your space. When you look at things differently; your brain registers the new patterns in your environment and can set up new patterns in your thinking. I call this “shaking up the Ch’i.”

3) Visualize yourself in a creative endeavor. Write, state, or picture yourself succeeding in a creative pursuit as if it is already happening. For example, “I have completed my first novel”, or “I am thoroughly enjoying my flower arranging class.”

4) Get in touch with nature:  When in a creative slump seek the out of doors; go on a hike, work in your garden, enjoy a picnic, or just bring fresh flowers into your home.   By surrounding yourself with nature you relax, rejuvenate and open up channels to inspiration.

Think of the acronym – DRVN, (Driven) when you:

Declutter                                                                                                                                                    Rearrange                                                                                                                                                  Visualize                                                                                                                                                    Nature

You are DRiVeN to creativity.  Your space is being creatively used in a new way and will in turn inspire you to creativity. Embrace this renewed energy!

Thursday, April 9, 2020

The Nine Feng Shui Treasures

A Treasure Map to Personal Enhancement

You are in control!
 If you’re like me, having the ability to control certain aspects of your life has always been important. I struggled with this for years until I became aware of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of empowerment through environment. With Feng Shui I learned to recognize the importance of my environment, and the ability to make it work for me in my life. You too can work with your environment to empower your life.  Balancing your lifestyle and arranging your home to allow it to hold happiness in place are two vital components of Feng Shui.

 The Bagua:

One of the most provocative, powerful and important tools in Feng Shui is the Bagua (Ba-gua) Map, represented as a grid of nine sectors.  I call this the “Treasure Map” to enhancements.  The Bagua comes from the Chinese Book of Changes, “The I Ching,” and literally means “eight trigrams.” These trigrams form the basic building blocks, or treasures that hold the most significance in our lives: career, knowledge/self cultivation, family/health, wealth/prosperity, fame, love/marriage, children/creativity, and helpful people/travel.  Each of these building blocks is represented in the Bagua map, and are formed around a ninth sector which is the overall center, or grounding element of your life.

Using the Bagua:

The first thing you need to do is draw or find a picture of the layout of your home. This can be just a pencil or paper drawing or an architectural drawing, if you have one. Next, using a ruler and a red marker,  draw a line creating a rectangle using the farthest outside walls of your house. Include decks and attached garages. Finally measure each side and draw a dotted line to create a grid.  Voila! You now have your working Bagua!

If you have multiple stories, do this again for each one keeping it in relation to the main floor Bagua. Meaning, that if your second floor is open and only covers a portion of the lower floor those Bagua areas will be missing upstairs.

The purpose of multiple stories is to give a certain Bagua Area in your home an extra boost. For example, if your love area is downstairs in the dining room, but also upstairs in your guest room, you can enhance both to bring love into your life.

This grid, illustrating the nine sectors of your life is intended to be superimposed over the floor plan of your home.  The home’s main entrance is always located at the bottom of the grid, (in the Knowledge, Career or Helpful People sector). Once you have identified where your entrance falls in relation to the map, you can identify where the remaining areas of your environment fall by labeling each of the 9 areas in your map.   Now your home can begin to tell the story, and shed some light on issues you may be facing in your life.

What is Your Home Telling You?

Is your garage cluttered? (If it’s connected to the house, then your garage is part of the Bagua as well.) Is your bedroom piled up with clothes that need cleaning and a bed that is not made? Is your guest room used for storage or unfinished projects? Think about where these rooms are in relation to the Bagua Map. Is the story unfolding? When looking at homes through Feng Shui eyes you can usually identify trouble spots fairly quickly.

If areas are missing from your map, that also gives you a clue to what is going on in your life.

 A client of mine was stressed over his romantic relationship. It had stopped working for him, and he was unhappy all the time. The key for me was that his Love/Marriage area was where he kept his wastebasket and broom; throughout the day he would sweep up and leave piles of dirt in that corner – which explained why his love life was a mess. Another client’s cluttered bedroom closet was in her Wealth area, and she was having a hard time getting her finances organized. Simple enhancements made a big difference in both of their lives. He’s in a new loving relationship, and she has found the resources she needs. You do have control!

In a thank you note, another client wrote, “I love having these tools to help me be aware of all the aspects of each room. It helps me to focus my energies.”  Gain control of your life by using this Treasure Map to identify areas of concern, and begin making the necessary enhancements. Once the Ch'i begins to flow there’ll be no stopping you.

Here are a few of the positive personal enhancements you can use in each sector of your home, as it falls within the Bagua:

CAREER – Front Center – Enhance this area if you are looking to make any kind of change in your career. Enhance with:  Water features, (fountains, waterfalls or aquariums), art depicting water, career images and symbols, items in black or very dark colors, mirrors, glass/crystal items.

KNOWLEGDGE/SELF CULTIVATION– Left Front Corner – Enhance this area if you are a student, in counseling, or want to develop a more peaceful mind or lifestyle. Enhance with:  Plants (either live or artificial), art depicting forests, mountains, peaceful places, images and symbols of knowledge such as books, representation of deities or inspiring people, items in colors of blue, green, black, anything else that has a personal association with knowledge and self reflection.

 FAMILY/FRIENDS/HEALTH – Left Center - Enhance this area if your health needs a boost or if you're recovering from surgery. Also enhance it if you would like your social life or your relations with your family to improve. Enhance with Healthy plants of all kinds (either live or artificial), items of colors blue and green, and art and/or photographs depicting family, friends and/or ideal healthy images.

WEALTH – Back Left Corner – Enhance this area if you need to generate more cash flow in your life, or if you want to be more aware of the flow of abundance in your life in general. Enhance with: Items that “call the Chi” such as flags, wind chimes, whirligigs, healthy plants with rounded leaves, water features, (fountains, waterfalls or aquariums), art depicting wealth or your desired possessions,  images and symbols of wealth, items in deep purple, red or blue.

 FAME – Back Center – Enhance this area if you would like more recognition at home or at work. Enhance with: Diplomas, awards and acknowledgements,   art depicting animals , people fire and the sun, personal images and symbols of fame, items in the color red, bright up lighting,

 LOVE – Right Back Corner – Enhance this area if you want to attract or improve a love relationship.  Enhance with: Photos depicting your significant other, pairs of items (candles, vases, figurines etc), art with a romantic theme, items in the color of red, pink or white.

 CHILDREN/CREATIVITY – Right Center – Enhance this area if you are trying to get pregnant, want to improve your relationship with children, or would like to explore your inner child and creativity. Enhance with:  Art depicting children, creative images and symbols, items in colors of white or pastels, whimsical items, toys, stuffed animals, art supplies, things made of metal.

 HELPFUL PEOPLE/TRAVEL– Right Front Corner – Enhance this area if you want more mentors, clients, customers, or other helpful people in your life, or if you would like to travel. Enhance with:  Travel posters of the places you’d like to go, art depicting spiritual guides, or pictures of mentors in your life,  items in black white or grey, and items made of metal.

 CENTER – The center of the Bagua is considered neutral; a place of grounding of all the other areas – a place of balance and peace. Life flows and circles around the center. This area is associated with the element of Earth and is related to the color yellow, as well as earth tones. It is also symbolized by items in the shape of squares and rectangles and items made of ceramics.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Inspiring Shelter in Place Feng Shui Ideas

Are you wondering what to do during these constricted shelter in place times? Look at this as an opportunity  to slow down, take care of yourself, enjoy the family you live with, and adopt many Feng Shui practices of clearing, enhancing and beautifying.

I read  a beautiful article by Cynthia Brian, author of best-selling books, including, Chicken Soup for the Gardener's Soul, Growing with the Goddess Gardener, and Be the Star You Are! Millenials to Boomers"
Her list of ideas for enhancing yourself, your garden and your home is inspiring:

Cynthia Brian's Gardening Guide for April

 SOW seeds that will attract birds to your garden. Suggestions include coneflower, anise hyssop,   bachelor's button, Mexican sunflower, cosmos and black-eyed Susan.

 SHOOT photos of the abundant flowering trees including tulip magnolia, crabapple, peach,       plum,  prune, cherry, pear and apple.

 CLEAN debris from berms and drainage ditches to prevent flooding. The soil and leaves can be     added to your compost pile.

 PULL weeds while the ground is soft.

 PLAN your vegetable garden for the foods you love the most.

 PLANT seeds of greens, beets, carrots and turnips now.

 CUT a branch or two from your favorite flowering trees or shrubs. Redbuds, crabapple, plum,
         peach are glorious in vases.                                               

 INTRODUCE plants that will make you smile. I planted sunflowers, sweet peas, nasturtiums and       purple hyacinth bean.

 TAKE a garden class online or watch YouTube videos with gardening tips.

 MAKE teas and cocktails from herbs you grow including mint, rosemary, sage and fennel.

 REPOT houseplants.

 BOOST your immune system with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and fatty fish.Adopt a Mediterranean style of eating.
 WALK around your garden to admire the spring growth.

 BUILD a planter box.

 ORDER gardening books. to read. Be inspired and motivated by "Chicken Soup for the Gardener's Soul,""Growing With the Goddess Gardener," and "Be the Star You Are!
Millenials to Boomers"available at

 INHALE the perfume of fragrant plants. Roses are blooming and fruit blossoms are delightful.

 LOWER your stress by strolling alone in the outdoors among trees and on trails.

 MEDITATE in your garden, or on your balcony, patio or porch.

 LISTEN to the birds, frogs and insects as they begin their spring songs.

 NOURISH your spirit by sitting by a fountain or pond.

 EAT plenty of fresh citruses, especially homegrown, to increase your vitamin C intake. Oranges,          tangelos, tangerines, grapefruit and lemons are ripe and ready for picking

 EXERCISE includes all gardening chores: raking sweeping, weeding, lifting, pruning, planting,         digging, fertilizing, and chopping wood. Workout outside.

 TAKE a nap and on a warm day, get your z's outside in the fresh air.

 SHARE your garden skills with your children. Let them plant seeds of vegetables and herbs they       want to eat.

 FERTILIZE lawns. Lawn food is available at your local hardware store.

 GROW your own bouquets. Create a stunning floral art with a variety of roses, stock, tulips, iris,        calla lilies and mock orange

 BEE friendly by planting three or four types of native wildflowers to attract the honey gatherers as well as pest-resistant varieties of flowers, shrubs, trees and vegetables, thus eliminating          pesticides. I've sown California poppies, lupines, bee balm, and morning glories.

 WATCH the blossoms in the breeze float to the ground like snowflakes.

 PREPARE your garden patches to sow seeds of potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant by   rotating these crops. For best production, do not plant these in the same place every year.

 ENJOY a peaceful Passover and Easter without an in-person gathering.

 STAY informed about Covid-19 depending only on reliable information. Visit Centers for Disease       Control and Prevention at;