Thursday, November 16, 2017

Feng Shui Your Office for Success

Home or business offices are crucial to your business success. Originally our home office broke many of the Feng Shui rules. The desk was in a corner facing away from the door with our back to it.  It was cluttered and dark, located in the Career Area but with no windows. My husband, who had been working from home, had just left his job after 30 years and was struggling with his early retirement. I decided to apply Feng Shui principles to this depressing space to see if it could make a difference in his career. 

Knowing that the home office is a place of power, the location of ours in the front of the house was in a perfect location and just needed a Feng Shui tune up.

1) With the help of a decorator we purchased a strong oak desk and placed it  it the power
        position; back, facing the door with a large high back chair.
2) Being organized is critical, so we purchased new cabinets, culled and organized.
3) We chose to hang all our awards and certificates on the Fame Wall and purchased                         better lighting.
4) Because so much of the room represented the Wood Element we brought in the Metal                   Element to control the wood through  a curved desk, carpet, white walls and a picture of                       mountain.
5) We enhanced the lighting by adding a light tube in the ceiling. This alone made a huge                  difference in the light created throughout the day.

Soon after my husband received a lucrative job offer and has been very happy ever since.  I also feel empowered doing my Feng Shui work in this enhanced, energizing space.

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