Thursday, November 2, 2017

Important Feng Shui Tip - Let Nature Nourish You

One of the Feng Shui principles is that “Everything is Alive”; everything in your home is alive and either nourishing or draining you. The Feng Shui masters first looked at nature for harmonious spaces, therefore bringing a bit of nature into your home can help to uplift the energy, thereby nurturing you. Healthy plants and fresh flowers are an instant way of creating a beautiful, harmonious space. 

Another Feng Shui principle is that “Everything is Connected.” Objects from nature can also enhance the Ch’i in your home when they connect you to the special experiences you’ve had outdoors. Shells, rocks, stones, dried pods can bring back many memories, especially if you gathered them yourselves with your loved ones. These memories associated with your objects of nature help you keep connected to the natural world, even when living in a city without a garden. 

I’ve been taking a flower arranging class for a few years now. Every week I create, bring home, and display a beautiful arrangement.  The feeling evoked by these arrangements is pure joy as I am continuously being nourished by their beauty and combination of Feng Shui elements. The pumpkins, created by my sister in-law, help remind me of connections to family.  A win win!!!

The rock shaped like a heart was picked up while on a walk on Pismo Beach. One of my favorite places to stay with loved ones.

Bring nature inside your home and surround yourself with its healing energy. 

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