Thursday, May 18, 2023

Synchronicity can be Just a Feng Shui Enhancement Away

Have you ever experienced that helpless feeling when everything seems to be going wrong? 

Have you experienced people not returning your calls, estimates coming in higher than expected, things breaking down or getting lost?  These are examples of your synchronicity being off.  Can Feng Shui help solve problems? Absolutely! Look at the Helpful People Area of your house and with a few easy enhancements begin turning your energy around.

Here’s a perfect example of missing synchronicity:

A client bought a new home and was thrilled because it was almost rectangular with the Wealth and Love Areas intact.  She noticed that it was missing the Helpful People/Travel areas but at the time did not think much about it, being swept away by location, price, and cuteness. Soon after it closed escrow everything started going wrong. Contractors weren’t showing up, costs were more than expected, more things were breaking down; problems also began occurring in other aspects of her life as well, including her job, health insurance, child’s daycare etc. She felt like she couldn’t catch a break! Sound familiar? 

How Feng Shui helped:

Having studied Feng Shui she turned to it for help. She knew she had to anchor the area from both inside and out. Outside she anchored it with a large white flowering plant in a round white pot and replaced a small dead tree with a beautiful blooming one surrounded by flowers. Inside she hung a round mirror and round faceted crystal to push the wall back, as well as a picture of a grey and white mountain. Within a month she was able to move in, renovate a rental unit for close to her budget, find a perfect renter and soon after was offered a lucrative new job: Coincidence or solution?

A year later, surrounded by positive energy, she was able to purchase an even larger home for her family, and is once again putting her Feng Shui knowledge to work. Your environment definitely affects your life. 

Yes, Feng Shui can help you solve problems.

Using the Feng Shui Bagua you can identify your Helpful People Area, and begin to access the energy for solutions to your problems: Attract mentors, clients, customers, vendors, employees or other helpful people in your life and/or create seamless moves to a new home or work location. The Feng Shui Bagua , from the Chinese philosophy, “The I Ching,” meaning “eight trigrams” is represented as a grid of eight sectors, with the Center being the Grounding Force. In Feng Shui the Helpful People area of your home or business is associated with synchronicity. When everything is aligned, people and places give us the inspiration and guidance we need. 

The Helpful People and Travel area is located in the front right corner of your home or business. It is governed by the Metal Element which is represented by any metal or metal paint, the colors white or grey, natural stones and circular shapes. This is why in the earlier example the person used a white blooming plant, white circular pot, a round mirror and a picture of a mountain with grey matting. 

Enhancements for the Helpful People and Travel area inside your home or business:    

Art, photos, or figures pertaining to spiritual guides, and/or mentors or helpful people  

Items in colors of white, black or grey

Things made of any type of metal                                                                                                        

Natural stones or representation of natural stones such as pictures of mountains                                

Special places where you have traveled or want to travel                                                                    

Quotes, affirmations and sayings pertaining to Helpful People and Travel

Enhancements for the Helpful People and Travel area outside your home or business:

Garden art reflecting spiritual guides (angels, Buddha, saints).

Metal items, rocks, and stones, circular or oval shapes

Items, and flowers in the color white  

A flag with a white background if Helpful People is your entrance


A Missing Helpful People and Travel area:

If your Helpful People and Travel area is missing from your floor plan, you can anchor the area by doing one or a combination of the following cures:  Anchor the missing area structurally using the metal element wherever possible, such as building a trellis or deck, planting flowers in a flower garden or planter boxes in white, adding a large stone statue of a spiritual guide or placing a large rock on the corner, or a metal seating area. (This could be a beautiful meditation area).  If the area outside is not accessible, you can symbolically anchor from the inside, and push the walls back,  by hanging a 30 mm round faceted crystal, placing a mirror, and/or a picture representing helpful people or travel  on the inside wall by the missing area. 



In Feng Shui, intent plays a significant role in enhancing any area of your home or business. Enhancements need to be made with intentionality; written or stated affirmations are very important, as is for them to be expressed as if they have already happened.  Examples or affirmations for the Helpful People and Travel area: “I have a team of people who support me.” “Contractors are efficient, and work is completed efficiently under estimate.” 

Feng Shui CAN be the solution to some of your problems, and the Helpful People corner is a great place to begin. 


Thursday, April 20, 2023

Relax With Feng Shui

“Mrs. McCullough, can I paint my classroom green?”  

That’s how I got into Feng Shui over 20 years ago. When I was an elementary principal, one of my teachers asked me this question because she wanted a color that would calm her students. 

The purpose of Feng Shui is to bring peace, harmony, a sense of serenity, and restfulness to you, your home and your life. The serenity you create in your home has a great deal of influence on your outlook. 

There are numerous ways to enhance your home. The most common Feng Shui Ch’i enhancers are:

Colors, art, mirrors, crystals, sound makers, natural objects, animals, flowers, lighting, plants, sound makers, water features and wind dancers.

Of all of these, I always feel that colors make the most difference in a person’s environment. In Feng Shui colors are powerful Ch’i enhancers and add strong healing quality to your home. 

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” Wassily Kadinski


There are areas in your home that lend themselves nicely to peace and rest; the left front section of the structure is particularly related to stillness, while the middle left side is related to health and healthy relationships.  

In the Feng Shui Bagua , represented  as a grid of nine sectors, these areas  are referred to as the “Knowledge and Self Cultivation Area”, and “Health Family and Friends.” They operate under the premise that good health and clarity of mind come from acquiring a peaceful lifestyle.  This can be accomplished through meditation, contemplation, and introspection.  Knowledge is viewed as the seed of wisdom, therefore when we spend time resting, our field of knowledge will be lush and productive.   


 “One cannot see one’s reflection in running water, but only in still water.” Chaung Tzu

The colors in these two areas, are of course the calming colors, shades of blues and greens. The beauty of adding color to your home is that it can be done in a myriad of ways. Painting walls, replacing carpeting and new furniture is the most powerful and striking, but can also be the most expensive solution. If these options are prohibitive now, accents of colors can be introduced through flowers, candles, fabrics, and art. Your choices are endless!  Consider your home a blank canvas and you the artist.

Why green and blue?

Green - Some scientists believe that our eyes are at the peak of perception to detect the wavelengths corresponding to green, the shade then calms us down. With less strain to perceive the colors, our nervous system can relax.  It also symbolizes nature and attracts harmonious feelings that can diffuse anxiety. It has been proven that walking in a green environment can induce a significant reduction in heart rate. 

Blue – Psychologists believe that blue is the color of the mind and is essentially soothing.  It is known to lower blood pressure, slow down heart rate, and believed to have a cooling and astringent effect.


In the Knowledge and Self Cultivation area consider blues, greens, and art representing calm wooded scenes. Remember the calming effect nature has on you. 


In the Health/Family/Friends area use blues, greens and bring in art representing floral scenes, or add fresh cut flowers, or flowering plants in all colors. Flowers have a healing property. 


When my teacher painted her classroom green, her students felt the calming quality, and it strengthened their learning community.  This can happen to you! Use the power of color and calm your world.



Thursday, March 16, 2023

The Quintessential Feng Shui Ch’i Enhancers – Color and Art

Ch’i enhancers are the basic Feng Shui tools used for treating, stabilizing, and balancing the energy in your environment. The ten Ch’i enhancers taught by the Western School of Feng Shui™ are:

1. Art: paintings, sculptures, collages, collections, and textiles 

2. Colors: the hues represented by the Bagua areas

3. Crystals: round and faceted to circulate Ch’i

4. Lighting: electrical, candles, oil, natural light 

5. Living things: plants, flowers, animals   

6. Mirrors: the bigger the better except for in bedrooms and dining rooms*   

7. Objects of nature: rocks, shells, seeds, natural crystals

8. Sound makers: wind chimes, bells, musical instruments 

9. Whirligigs: mobiles, flags 

10. Water features: fountains, ponds, birdbaths, aquariums

*Mirrors create active energy which is too much for both bedrooms and dining rooms where the energy needs to be peaceful and calm.

Each of these Ch’i enhancers serve a purpose:

Round glass crystals circulate Ch’i, block energy, and help anchor missing areas.

Lighting brings the Fire element to any area.

Mirrors are called “the aspirin of Feng Shui” because the activate a space, block negative energy, help anchor missing areas, and, since they represent the Water element, they help prosperity flow.

Water features help activate the flow of career and prosperity.

Sound makers and whirligigs work to call in the Ch’i. 

But of all the Ch’i enhancers, I find that working with colors and art gives you almost instant gratification. Art is the soul of a room; it gives it energy and life, and it is easy to identify how it enhances the Feng Shui of a space.  To enhance the Ch’i in your home, choose art that elicits positive feelings and makes your heart sing. Remember that in Feng Shui everything is alive and is constantly talking to you. What you surround yourself with can nourish or drain you. Therefore, ensure that every art piece in your home is one that you love and that portrays a serene or inspirational subject matter. Art depicting violence, death, distortion, or negativity is not recommended. They say that “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  What is your art telling you?


To get the most benefit from art and colors, match them with the function of each room. Choose romantic and sensual for the bedroom, lively, colorful art for the living room, and powerful and motivational for the home office. Use the Bagua map to help you choose the appropriate art and colors that correlate with the goals in your life.   Each of the nine areas of the Bagua is associated with colors and art representations. For example, if you want romance, and your Love and Marriage area is in the dining room, choose art that is romantic and appropriate for your dining area. If you wish to improve your health, and your Health and Family area is in the bathroom, display art that evokes radiant health and vitality. 


 Career Area:

* Art - paintings, photos pertaining to moving water (oceans, rivers, etc.), asymmetrical shapes, and black frames    

* Colors – black or dark colors

Knowledge and Self Cultivation Area: 

* Art -paintings, photos representing calm nature scenes (forests, ferns, vineyards, etc.), columnar shapes, and wooden frames    

* Colors – blue and green


 Friends, Family, Health Area: 

* Art - paintings, photos representing fresh, healthy vibrant flowers, family, friends and/or you in a healthy state, columnar shapes, and wooden frames    

* Colors – blue, green, and anything floral


Wealth and Prosperity Area:

* Art - paintings, photos or sculptures representing opulence and wealth, tall round leaf plants, bubbling fountains, triangular, cone shapes, and wooden frames    

* Colors – purples, blues, and reds


Fame Area:

* Art - paintings, photos or sculptures representing celebration, animals, birds, stars suns, fire, upward movement, inspirational quotes, triangular, cone shapes, and wooden frames    

* Colors – Red


 Love and Marriage Area:

* Art - paintings, photos or sculptures representing romance, pairs of items, pictures of you and your significant other, pictures of couples, triangular, cone shapes, and wooden frames    

* Colors – reds and pinks


Children and Creativity Area:

* Art - paintings, photos or sculptures representing creativity and whimsy, pictures of children or child art, round shapes, and metal frames    

* Colors – whites and pastels      


Helpful People and Travel Area:    
                                                                                                                                                                     * Art - paintings, photos or sculptures pertaining to spiritual guides, and/or mentors, places you have traveled to or aspire to visit, pictures of mountains or natural stone, circular shapes, and metal frames    

* Colors – white and grey


Center Area:

* Art - paintings, photos or sculptures representing earth scenes, deserts, wheat fields, yellow flowers or trees, rectangular shapes    

* Colors – yellows and earth tones                                   


Look at the art you have in your home. Jackson Pollock said, “A painting has a life of its own.” What is each piece “saying” to you?  No matter how positive and creative you may be in your inner world, if your home or work surroundings are contradictory or present energetic barriers, you are likely to find it difficult to manifest all that you desire. By paying attention to the flow of energy around you, beginning with the art and colors that surround you, you can align your inner intentions with your outer realities to make your life a conscious act of creation.


Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Finding Peace Through Inner Feng Shui

Sometimes there’s a confusion about Feng Shui being only external. People may think that it’s merely the act of moving items around in your home that will lead you to more harmony, and the achievement of your life goals. But Feng Shui is more than that.  As believed, external Feng Shui is about arranging our environment, our homes, and our businesses to let in the life force energy, called ‘Ch’i,” and lead us to prosperity and success. Internal Feng Shui is about exploring our inner worlds of mind, body, and spirit to help us achieve peace, health, and joy. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art that allows us to create harmony and balance through our environment. This harmony and balance lend support to our lives. When our lives are supported through our environment it’s much easier to achieve the things we want such as good health, well-being, love, and happiness.


Internal Feng Shui Inner Feng Shui is about mindfulness, stillness, breathing, meditation, affirmations, and visualization. The Zen Buddist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, stresses the importance of mindfulness. “Your true home is in the here and now…with mindfulness and concentration you can find your true home in the full relaxation of your mind and body in the present moment…The basic condition of happiness is freedom. If there is something on your mind that you keep thinking about then you are caught and have no freedom.”


With inner Feng Shui take the time to observe the beauty of your home, your garden, the people living with you, the animals surrounding you. All of these can nourish you in the present moment. Resting is an important part of meditation. You should allow your body and mind to rest and avoid the tendency to always be busy. The act of resting, breathing, and meditating will help you avoid, or deal better with daily struggles. Allow yourself to rest, heal and be calm. 


One example of a simple mindfulness meditation is as you breathe in say “Breathing in, I know that I’m breathing in.” As you breathe out say “Breathing out, I know I am breathing out.” Try to smile as you do this. It may feel like child’s play, but it brings much peace and happiness. 

Internal and external Feng Shui work seamlessly hand in hand. Before beginning your external Feng Shui work, pause for a brief 5-minute meditation for each Baqua area. During these meditations, you will be getting in touch with your beliefs about the nine Baqua areas. When you work on clearing your beliefs as well as clearing your space, your Feng Shui will become more potent and effective. 

This type of meditation technique is quite easy. Simply sit, close your eyes and be mindful of your breath moving in through your nose and out of your mouth. Focus on the breath. Relax with the breath. Feel the breath flowing in and out. Now gently ask yourself a question and allow the answer to come into your mind. All the while, keep your breath in the foreground, and allow the answers to gently float up in the background. Don't attach yourself to the answers. You are just uncovering your internal clutter. Simply observe them at this point. After completing the five minutes, write down a simple affirmation you can use while you physically re-arrange that portion of your room. Affirming your desires while doing something physical is a very potent process to attract Ch’i into your life. 

Affirmations and Inner Work: In Feng Shui, intent plays a significant role in enhancing your home or business. All enhancements need to be made with intentionality, with written or stated affirmations as if they have already happened. Begin by choosing the Bagua area of most need in your life, (it may be love, health, career, prosperity, children etc.) Stand in the entrance to that area, close your eyes, breathe in and out three times then ask yourself a question, and state the affirmation. 

Examples of affirmations for each area: 

  • Career Meditation: What do I believe about my work? 
  • Career Affirmation: "My career is wonderful, and I am successful and happy in what I do."
  • Knowledge and Self Cultivation Meditation: How does knowledge affect my life? 
  • Knowledge and Self Cultivation Affirmation: "Every day I grow in knowledge and wisdom. I have the ability to be still." 
  • Health, Family and Friend Meditation: What is healthy and loving in my life? 
  • Health, Family and Friend Affirmation: "I am healthy, happy, loving and free." 
  • Wealth and Prosperity Meditation: How do I feel about wealth and money? 
  • Wealth and Prosperity Affirmation: " Money flows to me naturally and effortlessly." 
  • Fame Meditation: What do I feel about fame and success? 
  • Fame Affirmation: "I am well respected for all my accomplishments." 
  • Love and Relationship Meditation: What is important to me in relationships? 
  • Love and Relationship Affirmation: "I am in a healthy, loving relationship."
  • Children and Creativity Meditation: Where am I the most creative in my life? 
  • Children and Creativity Affirmation: " My children are thriving, and I am willing to explore my creativity.” 
  • Helpful People and Travel Meditation: How is my synchronicity, is everything falling into place? 
  • Helpful People and Travel Affirmation: "I feel supported in all my endeavors" 
  • Center and Grounding Meditation: For this meditation, simply feel your breath, allowing all thoughts to come and go, returning again and again to your breath. 
  • Center and Grounding Affirmation: "I am safe, grounded and at peace."

    I love starting my day with a meditation. One of my favorites is, “Thank you for this day. Thank you for the air I breathe. Thank you for the gift of life.” Daily meditation, no matter what time you choose, is a wonderful way to tap into your inner Feng Shui and release stress.

    Another meditation from Thich Nhat Hanh which I have recorded and breathe to daily is: “I know that I’m breathing in. I know that I’m breathing out. My breath grows deep. My breath goes slowly. I feel calm. I feel at ease. I dwell in the present moment. I know it’s a wonderful moment. I smile. I release.”

    Blessings come in many forms and with inner Feng Shui meditation, mindfulness, breathing, visualizing, and expressing gratitude and enthusiasm for even the smallest blessings has been found to lead to a happier, more fulfilling life. Every morning when I wake up, I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, or pain. Which do you think will lead you to a more rewarding and harmonious day? What if you began each day with a short meditation and express gratitude for one thing in your life, big or small?                         


    Be calm, be mindful, enjoy inner Feng Shui




Saturday, January 14, 2023

Balancing Opposing Forces With Feng Shui

The early Feng Shui practitioners observed that nature embodies opposite, yet complementary, energy forces, such as light/dark, tall/short, skinny/wide, hot/cold, old/young, female/male, which they called Yin (expressions of female energy) and Yang (expressions of male energy). The optimum environment, they concluded, balanced the forces of Yin and Yang. 


The Ch’i, (vital life force energy)  that nourishes you, which Feng Shui concentrates on enhancing, is always striking a balance between these two extreme forces in the universe. Yin relates to qualities such as feminine, dark, cool, soft, wet. while Yang is associated with qualities such as masculine, light, hot hard, dry. Neither is wrong, but a “middle road” or a perfect mix of these qualities makes for environments that nurture you, where you feel comfortable and can thrive.  The happiness that you feel inherently, in the balance between these two extremes. 

When dramatic architecture and design become expressions of extremes, they can result in a Feng Shui nightmare.  Sharp angles, radical proportions and exaggerated forms may be viewed as fabulous artistic features, but they usually don’t make cozy habitat for humans. The more extreme Yin or Yang an environment is the more uncomfortable you will feel there. 

 An extreme Yin room is one that is dark and cave like, with dark furniture, dim lighting, and a low ceiling. 


A very Yang room would be quite large, with a high ceiling and windows that bake the room with sun, and a living space that is furnished sparingly with angular furniture and tables.


To balance the Yin room - add Yang components, such as brighter lighting, and lighter pastel colors with angular shapes.  You can also bring in large pieces of art or large plants.


To balance the Yang room – add Yin components such as soft upholstered furniture rounded, and/or window treatments in dark, rich colors or prints.  You can also bring in numerous pieces of small art, pictures or small plants and flower arrangements. 


What About Individual Tastes? 

Sometimes different rooms have different purposes in our lives, and because of that may be inherently more Yin or Yang depending on what we intend to draw from.  I have large great room, which is very Yang, with a lot of natural light and high ceilings. Because of the dark rounded furniture and numerous personal pictures and items displayed around the room it feels balanced to me, and a source of renewed energy. This is the central hub of my home, and where I do the majority of my entertaining.  I love being there.  My bedroom however is more Yin, which to me feels cozy.  With its lower ceiling, lower lighting, dark wooden furniture, and burgundy accents, this is the room that I spend every evening relaxing, decompressing, and feeling nurtured. I balanced the Yin by painting the walls a light tan, hanging a large piece of art, and bringing in a large Ficus tree. The armoire is also a very large angular piece of furniture. 

Balancing a Feng Shui Garden

Just as in your home, when designing your garden think of a balance of Yin and Yang. Plant tall, wide plants  aong with low growing ones. Use dark colors along with light ones and soft, flowing plants along with harder trunks or rock gardens. The possibilities are endless. 

Feng Shui is all about finding balance in your environment, and your life. You will definitely be rewarded with more peace and harmony, which will in turn lead to greater opportunities to achieve your life goals. Enjoy the journey!

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Nearing the Holidays? How Feng Shui Decorations Add Fame and Fire to Your Life

The holiday season is upon us. This is a time when families gather together to celebrate traditions passed down from generation to generation. It’s also a time of decorating, which helps to enhance your home and your life.  

Holiday decorations usually include the colors green, red, blue, white, gold and lots of  bright lighting. Whether you decorate with a Menorah or Christmas Tree, the objects you bring in to your home for the holidays will represent the energy of the Fire Element. Menorahs add fire to any room.  Christmas Trees represent growth; and the conical shape of the tree and all the lights encircling it also represent the fire element.   All decorations of bright colors, lights, garlands, and traditional objects make the home’s energy flow easily and create a joyful environment for family gatherings. 


As you decorate, think about using the Feng Shui Bagua to help guide you in placement. The most auspicious of the Fire Element areas of your home is the Fame Area.

One of the Feng Shui principles is that everything is connected, so if you ask yourself, “Can adding the fire of holiday decorations to my home really affect my fame and reputation?”  – The answer is ABSOLUTELY.


In the Feng Shui Bagua, represented as a grid of nine sectors, the Fame and Reputation area is located in the center back  of your home. The Bagua comes from the Chinese philosophy, “The I Ching,” and literally means “eight trigrams,” with the center for grounding. The Fame and Reputation area of your home or business is about cultivating a good reputation and helping friendly relations spring up all around us, creating the best chances for a happy and secure future. How wonderful that the holiday decorations you add to your home can in fact set you up for a positive New Year. 


The element for this area is Fire, and the color is anything in the red spectrum. Red is one of the most powerful colors in the Chinese culture. It represents fame, fortune, joy, festivity, longevity, and protection from bad luck. Representations of this element can be used inside and outside of your home or business. 


Enhancements for the Fame and Reputation area inside your home or business:

Christmas trees, Menorahs which represent cone, triangular shapes, and pleasant lighting, 

Personal images and symbols of fame; diplomas, awards, trophies, and acknowledgements

Things made from animals, such as leather, feathers, wool and/or bone

Art and figures of animals, people, fire, sunshine 

Items in the red spectrum

Affirmations and sayings pertaining to Fame and Reputation and aspirations for the New Year


Enhancements for the Fame and Reputation area outside your home or business:

Items that represent the sun, fire, stars 

Holiday lights, up lighting around trees, twinkle lights

Fire pits and BBQ grills 

Items, flowers, plants in the red color spectrum


Fire Elements:

The Fire element is represented by the hearth and when in balance enhances excitement, enthusiasm, leadership. In the Feng Shui Cycle of the elements the Wood Element feeds Fire, therefore adding representations of Wood, such as Christmas trees would feed the fire of your dreams, enhancing your opportunities and achievements.  


Sometimes your holiday decorations don’t fit exactly in the Fame sector of your home (center back), or the Fame area of your living room or den. If that’s the case any of the other Fire sectors also work nicely; Wealth and Prosperity or Love and Marriage.  Christmas trees also work well in Knowledge, Family and Health, but because of all the colors, lights, garland and ornaments can represent all of the elements and act as five element displays wherever placed. This is a win – win! Menorahs representing fire enhance any of the three fire areas, but like the Christmas tree, depending on the colors and what it is made of they can also hold all of the elements. You really can’t go wrong with holiday decorations; no matter where you place them you are activating the Ch’i (life force energy) and positive energy will come your way. 


Important Feng Shui Tip 

Clear the clutter from the room before you begin decorating, and keep it clutter free. This will help your calm, holiday energy flow and prevent your holiday communications from being “messy.”


I wish you a holiday filled with family, friends, harmony, happiness, excitement, and enthusiasm.  May your fame and reputation thrive!


Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The Importance of a Positive Mindset in Feng Shui

Although we speak mainly of Feng Shui enhancing your environment to help you achieve your life goals,  it is also important to remember that Feng Shui is  about “wholeness”;  it’s also about  going within to enhance your inner self.  In Feng Shui everything is connected, so enhancing your inner and outer domain simultaneously will lead you to achieve peace and harmony. Therefore, having a peaceful, positive mindset in important. 


In time of strife, look to your inner growth and healing by exploring your thoughts and feelings in a positive way.  Evolving and learning from past mistakes is what makes the difference.  You can’t do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth. 


I’m currently reading “The Four Agreements” by don Miguel Ruiz. In it he “reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering.”  Negative “self-speak”, as my Yoga teacher called “Monkey Mind,” works against the peace and harmony of Inner Feng Shui. 

Look to using these Four Agreements in your daily life:

1) Be impeccable with your word

2) Don’t take anything personally

3) Don’t make assumptions

4) Always do your best

Think about looking within, acknowledging what gives you stress and breathe in calm, peace, and most of all love. Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible yet so powerful that it is transformational. Breathe in love and you will bend versus being broken. 


So how do we proceed?  We proceed by being mindful, choosing love, following the four agreements, and bringing balance and harmony back to yourself and those around you.