Thursday, February 15, 2024

Feng Shui is About Surrounding Yourself with Beauty

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art that allows us to create harmony and balance through our environment. This harmony and balance lend support to our lives. When our lives are supported through our environment it’s much easier to achieve the things we want such as good health, well-being, love, and happiness.

It is about arranging our environment, our homes, and our businesses to let in the life force energy, called ‘Ch’i,” and lead us to prosperity and success. The peacefulness of our homes leads us to help us achieve peace, health, and joy.

Feng Shui doesn’t have many hard and fast rules, but rather recommendations to help enhance your life. 

The first is to ensure your safety and comfort. It is advised to avoid hard angles, but rather surround yourself with curved flowing lines, like curved paths and rounded furniture.  Another recommendation is to avoid placing your desk or furniture with your back to the door, which acts to disempower you. Placing your desk facing the door of the room puts you in the power position.


The second is to keep your home orderly but be sure you express yourself. Surround yourself with pictures of family and friends, art that you love, and places for your hobbies.  You want your home to be your sanctuary and comfort zone.


The third, and the one I feel is the most important, is to live with what you love. Surround yourself with beauty which will enhance and uplift your wellbeing.  Whether in art, furniture, plants and flowers, or a captivating view, surrounding yourself with beauty is one of the most important aspects of Feng Shui.

When a client of mine is stuck, or has an area in their home which they don’t like, I often advise them to place something of beauty which they love in that space, such as a beautiful flower arrangement, a stunning vase, a vibrant cloth, or an interesting piece of art. That begins the active life force energy, the Ch’i circulating, and leads them to more creative energy.


I love surrounding myself with beautiful fresh flower arrangements which I have created. I enjoy looking at my father’s art, evoking numerous memories, as well as pictures of my daughter, grandchildren, and soulmate. I feel that vibrant colors and bold shapes uplift me.


Find what you love in your home and surround yourself with beauty. Your Feng Shui journey will have begun.

Friday, January 12, 2024

Creating Love Altars and Vision Boards to Improve Your Feng Shui

In Feng Shui there is a belief that seeing things that make you feel calm or that you regard as beautiful help to nourish you. When you create a place where you can see those calming and beautiful things daily, you will create a place where your dreams and goals can be nourished and ultimately manifested.

Feng Shui Love Altars and Vision Boards can help you picture and realize your dreams. They are simply a collection of images, words and objects that represent a physical manifestation of your feelings and thoughts, creating a doorway from the unseen to the seen.  They are known to produce profound results, both those expected as well as unexpected, due perhaps to their influence on the unconscious or subconscious mind.

They both work on many levels:   

Vision Boards: 

A Vision Board is a one-dimensional board which helps you set and prioritize your goals and intentions. The process of creating a vision board helps to solidify these goals in your head and sends them out to the universe. Seeing your vision board regularly, with images and words representing your goals, and    wishes helps remind you of what you want to do, who you want to be, and what you want to have. The vision board helps to ensure that you continue to move towards those things, both consciously and unconsciously.  Vision boards are fun to make and tap into your creativity.

Love Altars:

Love Altars are three-dimensional vision boards. Rather than creating a board which hangs on a wall, you instead create a grouping of items which sit on a small table or counter.  I work closely with two amazing life coaches  who work with women searching for their soulmates. As in Feng Shui their work looks at having these amazing women love themselves first, and feel whole, as they create space for their soulmates. As part of their training, they create love altars and place them in the Feng Shui Love area of their homes as a daily reminder of their goals and dreams. 

Most of all, whichever you chose – THEY WORK! They have worked for me and for others. I can look back at past vision boards I have created and am excited to compare them against the final results. I also have many clients who have created love altars who have gotten engaged and happily married. 

A client's love altar

How To Create a Love Altar:

A Love Altar is a very personal, three-dimensional individualized representation of your hopes and dreams.

  • Begin with a special place ideally in the Love area of your home, or master bedroom. 
  • Cover with a beautiful cloth (in the Love area think of red, pink, or white) 
  • Cut out images and words from magazines, calendars, maps, postcards, photos that represent your love goals, or search online and download pictures from websites. 
  • Add items in pairs, such as candles, lovebirds, crystals, scented oils etc.
  • Write affirmations as if they have already happened, such as “I am in a loving relationship with     my soulmate.” 
  • Look at it on a daily basis and recite your affirmations. 


How To Create a Vision Board:

A Vision Board is a very personal, one-dimensional representation of your hopes and dreams, so no two are alike. 

  • Begin with a board (11x14 or 8 ½ by 14 are the most practical sizes, but anything goes). You can   also pick up poster boards at your local Dollar Stores.   You can think of your life in the course of a year (what you want to have accomplished this time  next year), a season or just a single event, for example a wedding. You can even envision loftier  lifetime goals such as career or family you have always wanted. Then close your eyes and visualize exactly what you want to happen. See all the details. Imagine your perfect home, office, or event setting. Imagine the people in your life as part of the vision. What else do you see? Hear? How does your vision make you feel? Cut out images from magazines, calendars, maps, postcards, photos that represent these goals, or  search online and download pictures from websites. 
  • You can make it 3 dimensional by adding glitter, string, stickers, shells, rocks, magnets, beads etc.  Remember you have freedom in creating YOUR board.
  • Use a glue stick, glue gun, tacks, white glue, tape etc. to adhere items to the board. 
  • Add inspirational words that are very specific to your goals. Words are very powerful, they turn     ideas into action, and therefore they need to be always kept in the affirmative; positive, uplifting    statements only.
  • Add specific affirmations that you write yourself, as if the goal has already happened.               For example: “I love my career. I excel in my position and I am given constant accolades for a job well  done. I am on the right path for growth.” 
  • If you want to create a board with quantitative goals, add sticker dots to each one as you achieve  them. (A real estate agent had a goal of selling 10 homes that season. She placed a dot on         her  board each time she sold one. This way she could honor her achievements and watch her goal manifest itself. )

                                                               A vacation vision board 

Remember, these are guidelines; there is no right or wrong to creating a love altar or vision board. They are a personal representation of YOUR goals; therefore, must speak to YOU.

                                                  A vision board for our kitchen project

You’re done! Display your altar or board in a location where you will see it every day. This will keep you grounded, help you grow and remind you of what you are grateful for.  It will help you create order out of chaos. Once you have achieved the goals update it or create new ones. This is not an event – it’s a journey. Enjoy the journey and the unfolding of your life!


Wednesday, December 13, 2023

An Amazing Feng Shui Gift Opportunity

Are you looking for  the perfect gift to give? A gift that will keep on giving, and can help your friends, or family enhance the energy of their home, and consequently help them achieve their goals. 

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement,  professes that making a few simple changes in your home can have an immediate and powerful effect on your personal well-being, as well as on the material aspects of your life. I call it empowerment through environment! You create a supportive environment for yourself by decluttering and enhancing the spaces in your home to help circulate the Ch’i.

The recipient of this valuable gift will be able to schedule an in person, or virtual consultation at their convenience. At that time they will:

  • Learn the history and focus of Feng Shui.
  • Learn how to apply the Bagua to the layout of their home, in order to locate each of the the areas related to their life.
  • Identify their areas of greatest need, and their goals.
  • Learn numerous ways to  declutter, and enhance the areas related to their goals.
  • Experience positive shifts in the energy in their home and in their life.
  • Receive a written report.
  • Be able to connect with me for complimentary questions via email or text throughout their journey.

This is an amazing opportunity. Just text, or email me if you would like to purchase this once in a lifetime gift. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Yes! Feng Shui Can Help You Achieve Your Life Goals

Are you looking to realize your goals? Feng Shui creates an environment that radiates out positive energy and nurtures your life. With easy Feng Shui enhancements, you achieve your life goals, and this workbook is designed to lead you to success in eight easy steps.

With over a decade of experience as a Feng Shui consultant, I have witnessed the power of Feng Shui to dramatically transform people’s lives. The goal is to go slow and take it one step at a time, which is why I created this workbook in a reflective step-by-step format.

Get ready to make those important changes in your life! My book will be available on Amazon this Winter. Stay tuned. I call it your personal Feng Shui consultation in a book, with lots of space for self reflection, easy to follow action steps, real life examples, and numerous testimonials from clients who found success through Feng Shui.  

                       Empowerment through Environment!

Monday, October 16, 2023

Enrich Your Home’s Feng Shui by Removing Excess Clutter

Our granddaughter loves to create beautiful works of art at her craft table, but soon the table becomes a huge pile of cut up papers, glue, paint etc. There was an excess of materials and not an organized way to replace them when done. My daughter came up with a solution to remove the excess and create an open area with a space for everything, as well as a magnetic board for her to display her masterpieces. She loves this area and it is enhancing the Ch’i in the Children and Creativity Area of her home.

                                                  From excess clutter to organized art area

How Clutter Affects the Bagua

There is often a correlation between excessive clutter and problems that occur in one’s life. For example, a cluttered desk or closet in the Wealth and Prosperity area can lead to feeling stuck with finances. Look at your home with Feng Shui eyes. What are you holding on to that is keeping you stuck?

Decluttering Made Easy

“I can’t keep up with my work . . . I go from one fire to another . . . I feel so overwhelmed . . . I don’t know where to begin . . . I feel blocked . . . I have no energy . . .” Do you hear yourself or others around you saying such things? Look around. Do you see piles of unfiled papers, items stacked everywhere, blocked doors, overstuffed closets, broken items . . . in other words, excess clutter?

It is time to clear the excess in your home that are holding you back. 

The task does not have to be difficult. You can transform your home from chaos to a comfortable, peaceful haven with the few-minutes-a-day technique I call the “Salami Method of Time Management”—slicing off one piece at a time. Think of eliminating clutter and organizing your possessions as an adventure that will open doors to new opportunities. By getting rid of things you no longer want or need, you will revitalize your home and make room for what you really do want to flow into your life, bringing you more happiness, clarity, and peace of mind. 

Feng Shui views excess clutter as a manifestation of two types of chaos: Active chaos and passive chaos. Active chaos is the clutter that results from your creating something, such as while cooking, painting, remodeling, reorganizing, etc. This clutter will be cleared when the project is completed. Passive chaos is the clutter that stays in piles in closets, under beds, in garages, and generally all over the house. This is the clutter that blocks the flow of the life energizing Ch’i and consequently drains your life. In Feng Shui everything counts, which means that your storage areas are as important as your most lived-in spaces. In other words, if your room is orderly because you have clutter stuffed in your closets, you are not practicing Feng Shui. 

                                                                                                                               A garage filled with excess to a more organized one

To begin decluttering, first pick up the items that are in plain sight and return each to its designated place.  Then either donate, toss, or recycle the excess items you no longer want or need. 

Once you have cleared the space of the visible clutter, move to a drawer or a shelf in a closet. Avoid overwhelming yourself and declutter just a little bit every day. For example, if a dresser is the first thing you see as you enter the room, clear the visible excess clutter from the top of the dresser first. Then move in a counterclockwise direction around the room clearing other areas of visible clutter. On another day, return to the dresser to declutter the top drawer, the next day the second drawer, and so on. Give yourself permission to remove items that you no longer use, are broken, or that hold negative memories. Either pass them on or toss them out.

                                                                                                                            A busy bedroom with excess items to a more peaceful one

Decluttering and removing excess items a little bit every day does not take long, and the results are noticeable almost immediately. You will start to feel the positive energy flowing through your home, your personal energy will be renewed, and life-changing opportunities will start coming your way. 

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Increase Your Wealth and Prosperity the Feng Shui Way

When you express gratitude, you are really reflecting your prosperity. Prosperity does not refer solely to financial wealth. It also encompasses the richness of your life. Are you rich in friends, family, love, community, health, talent, career, self-fulfillment, inner peace and/or finances? How prosperous are you? You can easily take positive steps to contribute to your own prosperity—and Feng Shui can help. 

Feng Shui utilizes your positive connection with your environment to help clear the way for blessings to enter your life. 

In the I Ching, the Wealth and Prosperity area of your home or business is called “Persistent Wind.” It is not about winning the lottery or hitting it rich in the stock market but about steadily gathering resources to secure present and future happiness on all fronts. 

Begin your prosperity work by culling and organizing the old to make way for the flow of new abundance. Take time to look at your home’s Wealth and Prosperity area and ask yourself, “Is the area enhancing or draining my prosperity? What can I do to improve this area of my life?” 

In the Feng Shui Bagua, the Wealth and Prosperity area is located in the back left of your home or business.

The Elements for Wealth and Prosperity
The elements for the Wealth and Prosperity area are Fire and Wood. The Fire element is represented in any shade of red, ranging from pink tones to burgundy and purple; cone and triangle shapes; any type of lighting; anything derived from animals; art representing people, animals, suns, stars. Adding representations of the Wood element, such as plants or items made of wood, helps to nurture the Fire enhancements. And because Water feeds Wood, incorporating all three elements further encourages the flow of Ch’i. Picture a beautiful fountain surrounded by purple plants near a wooden table with a deep burgundy or red umbrella.

To help your prosperity I flow into your life, try a few of the following enhancements:

Begin by decluttering the space.

Add any shade of purple, red, or blue, which evokes the feeling of richness.

Enhance with vibrant live or artificial plants having rounded leaves.

Install water features such as fountains, waterfalls, or aquariums. Water will feed the Wood                      element, which in turn feeds the Fire element. Prosperity flows in with water,                                            both in the Wealth and Prosperity and Career areas. 

Display art in the colors purple, red, or dark blue, that represent wealth, or depict                                       large family gatherings.

Display valuable possessions.

Add affirmations calling in prosperity.

Try a few of the  following  enhancements for the outside of the area:

Continue enhancing with the colors purple, red, and blue in flowers, pots, cushions, umbrellas.

Add a water feature flowing toward the home or business.

        (Waterfalls or 360-degree bubbling fountains work well here in letting prosperity flow.)

Call in the Ch’i by adding flags, whirligigs, mobiles, or wind chimes.

What to Avoid in the Wealth and Prosperity Area

Anything old, worn, and in poor condition

Clutter of any form, which blocks prosperity from flowing

A Wealth and Prosperity Area Not Located Within the Bagua

If your Wealth and Prosperity area is missing from your floor plan, you can anchor the area by doing one or a combination of the following cures:  Anchor the missing corner structurally, such as building a trellis or deck, planting flowers in a flower garden or planter boxes in the purple spectrum, adding a fountain, a seating arrangement or a figure representing wealth and prosperity. If the area outside is not accessible, you can symbolically anchor from the inside by hanging a 30 mm round faceted crystal, placing a mirror, and/or a picture of a prosperity representation on the wall by the missing corner. If the missing area happens to be a parking lot, you can draw a small symbol of a dollar sign, Yin/Yang sign or the trigram for persistent wind in the exact location, closing off the corner. In a lawn or dirt area a piece of rose quartz can also be buried pointing up in the exact corner to symbolize anchoring.

Sample Affirmations for the Wealth and Prosperity Area

“I feel very comfortable with my finances.”

“I have an abundance of blessings through my family and friends.”

“I just signed a lucrative book deal.”

Enjoy all the prosperity your life has to offer!

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Variety is the Spice of Life and so in Feng Shui


It is so rewarding and fun to enhance your home using Feng Shui principles. There are no hard and fast rules, but rather recommendations to help balance and improve the energy of your home. This positive energy will in turn help you to achieve your life goals.  

Feng Shui offers a variety of Ch’i enhancers for you to choose from. It’s not about just hanging crystals. It’s about finding the personal enhancers that match your personality and style.  All these enhancers are tools to help correct problem areas, balance the energy, and bring beauty into your environment.

Below is a list of possible enhancers. Each serves a purpose. As always in Feng Shui, they must be ones that you love!  You can choose one or more per given area, but for them to work make sure that they bring you joy, and that they are placed with intentionality and affirmations.

v  Art and Colors– These are my favorite ways to enhance. Using the Bagua choose art that represents the area.

v  Career – Moving waterscapes, such as oceans, lakes, streams (Black)

v  Knowledge and Self Cultivation – Calm wooded landscapes (Blues/Greens)

v  Health, Family, and Friends – Florals, family pictures (Blues/Greens)

v  Wealth and Prosperity – Art which represents opulence (Purple, Dark Blue, Red)

v  Fame and Reputation – Art which represents celebration or achievements ((Red)

v  Love and Marriage – Romantic art, or representing pairs (Red, Pink, White)

v  Children and Creativity – Whimsical art, representing children (White, Pastels)

v  Helpful People and Travel – Travel art, spiritual guides, mountains (Grey, white, black)

v  Center and Grounding – Art representing the earth, deserts, fields (Earth tones)      


v  Crystals – Round, glass, faceted ones are hung to anchor missing areas, circulate Ch’i  in tight spaces, and to block Ch’i from escaping.


v  Lighting – Electric, candles, natural sunlight all represent the fire element, and are especially
helpful in the Wealth, Fame, and Love areas.


v  Living Things – Plants and flowers are especially helpful in the Knowledge and Health areas, although their specific colors can aid in enhancing a specific Bagua area.



v  Mirrors – These are called the “aspirin of Feng Shui” because they can be used to anchor missing areas, enhance the Career area, and block negative energy.


v  Objects of Nature – Rocks are particularly helpful in the Children and Helpful People areas. Anything like shells or seed pods can be placed where they have the greatest association. For example, in the Love area if they were collected with your soulmate.


v  Sound Makers and Wind Dancers – These are great for calling in the Ch’i. Windchimes, whirligigs, flags and bells are particularly helpful in the Career and Wealth areas.


v  Water Features – Fountains, waterfalls, fish tanks are particularly helpful in the Career and Wealth areas. Make sure that the water is flowing towards the house.