Friday, May 24, 2013

Feng Shui's Treasure Map


One of the most provocative, powerful and important tools in Feng Shui is the Bagua (Bagua) Map, represented as a grid of nine sectors. I call this the "Treasure Map" to enhancements. The Bagua comes from the Chinese Book of Changes, "The I Ching," and literally means "eight trigrams." These trigrams form the basic building blocks, or treasures that hold the most significance in our lives: career, knowledge/ self-cultivation, family/health, wealth/prosperity, fame, love/marriage, children/creativity, and helpful people/travel. Each of these building blocks is represented in the Bagua map, and is formed around a ninth sector which is the overall center, or grounding element of your life.
Using the Bagua:
This grid, illustrating the nine sectors (treasures) of your life is intended to be superimposed over the floor plan of your home. The home’s main entrance is always located at the bottom of the grid, (in the knowledge, career or helpful people sector). Once you have identified where your entrance falls in relation to the map, you can identify where the remaining areas of your environment fall. Now your home can begin to tell the story, and shed some light on issues you may be facing in your life.
If your life is working perfectly then you’re probably already intuitively practicing Feng Shui, and you have balance and positive energy flowing through your home. However, if any of the sectors or building block areas are stuck, and causing you stress, then personal enhancements using the Bagua Map are the way to go. The key is to activate and keep the Chi (vital energy) flowing through your home.
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