Monday, October 16, 2023

Enrich Your Home’s Feng Shui by Removing Excess Clutter

Our granddaughter loves to create beautiful works of art at her craft table, but soon the table becomes a huge pile of cut up papers, glue, paint etc. There was an excess of materials and not an organized way to replace them when done. My daughter came up with a solution to remove the excess and create an open area with a space for everything, as well as a magnetic board for her to display her masterpieces. She loves this area and it is enhancing the Ch’i in the Children and Creativity Area of her home.

                                                  From excess clutter to organized art area

How Clutter Affects the Bagua

There is often a correlation between excessive clutter and problems that occur in one’s life. For example, a cluttered desk or closet in the Wealth and Prosperity area can lead to feeling stuck with finances. Look at your home with Feng Shui eyes. What are you holding on to that is keeping you stuck?

Decluttering Made Easy

“I can’t keep up with my work . . . I go from one fire to another . . . I feel so overwhelmed . . . I don’t know where to begin . . . I feel blocked . . . I have no energy . . .” Do you hear yourself or others around you saying such things? Look around. Do you see piles of unfiled papers, items stacked everywhere, blocked doors, overstuffed closets, broken items . . . in other words, excess clutter?

It is time to clear the excess in your home that are holding you back. 

The task does not have to be difficult. You can transform your home from chaos to a comfortable, peaceful haven with the few-minutes-a-day technique I call the “Salami Method of Time Management”—slicing off one piece at a time. Think of eliminating clutter and organizing your possessions as an adventure that will open doors to new opportunities. By getting rid of things you no longer want or need, you will revitalize your home and make room for what you really do want to flow into your life, bringing you more happiness, clarity, and peace of mind. 

Feng Shui views excess clutter as a manifestation of two types of chaos: Active chaos and passive chaos. Active chaos is the clutter that results from your creating something, such as while cooking, painting, remodeling, reorganizing, etc. This clutter will be cleared when the project is completed. Passive chaos is the clutter that stays in piles in closets, under beds, in garages, and generally all over the house. This is the clutter that blocks the flow of the life energizing Ch’i and consequently drains your life. In Feng Shui everything counts, which means that your storage areas are as important as your most lived-in spaces. In other words, if your room is orderly because you have clutter stuffed in your closets, you are not practicing Feng Shui. 

                                                                                                                               A garage filled with excess to a more organized one

To begin decluttering, first pick up the items that are in plain sight and return each to its designated place.  Then either donate, toss, or recycle the excess items you no longer want or need. 

Once you have cleared the space of the visible clutter, move to a drawer or a shelf in a closet. Avoid overwhelming yourself and declutter just a little bit every day. For example, if a dresser is the first thing you see as you enter the room, clear the visible excess clutter from the top of the dresser first. Then move in a counterclockwise direction around the room clearing other areas of visible clutter. On another day, return to the dresser to declutter the top drawer, the next day the second drawer, and so on. Give yourself permission to remove items that you no longer use, are broken, or that hold negative memories. Either pass them on or toss them out.

                                                                                                                            A busy bedroom with excess items to a more peaceful one

Decluttering and removing excess items a little bit every day does not take long, and the results are noticeable almost immediately. You will start to feel the positive energy flowing through your home, your personal energy will be renewed, and life-changing opportunities will start coming your way.