Thursday, February 15, 2024

Feng Shui is About Surrounding Yourself with Beauty

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art that allows us to create harmony and balance through our environment. This harmony and balance lend support to our lives. When our lives are supported through our environment it’s much easier to achieve the things we want such as good health, well-being, love, and happiness.

It is about arranging our environment, our homes, and our businesses to let in the life force energy, called ‘Ch’i,” and lead us to prosperity and success. The peacefulness of our homes leads us to help us achieve peace, health, and joy.

Feng Shui doesn’t have many hard and fast rules, but rather recommendations to help enhance your life. 

The first is to ensure your safety and comfort. It is advised to avoid hard angles, but rather surround yourself with curved flowing lines, like curved paths and rounded furniture.  Another recommendation is to avoid placing your desk or furniture with your back to the door, which acts to disempower you. Placing your desk facing the door of the room puts you in the power position.


The second is to keep your home orderly but be sure you express yourself. Surround yourself with pictures of family and friends, art that you love, and places for your hobbies.  You want your home to be your sanctuary and comfort zone.


The third, and the one I feel is the most important, is to live with what you love. Surround yourself with beauty which will enhance and uplift your wellbeing.  Whether in art, furniture, plants and flowers, or a captivating view, surrounding yourself with beauty is one of the most important aspects of Feng Shui.

When a client of mine is stuck, or has an area in their home which they don’t like, I often advise them to place something of beauty which they love in that space, such as a beautiful flower arrangement, a stunning vase, a vibrant cloth, or an interesting piece of art. That begins the active life force energy, the Ch’i circulating, and leads them to more creative energy.


I love surrounding myself with beautiful fresh flower arrangements which I have created. I enjoy looking at my father’s art, evoking numerous memories, as well as pictures of my daughter, grandchildren, and soulmate. I feel that vibrant colors and bold shapes uplift me.


Find what you love in your home and surround yourself with beauty. Your Feng Shui journey will have begun.