Thursday, March 19, 2015

Practicing Intuitive Feng Shui

Do you practice Intuitive Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is all about a feeling. Do you feel calmed and nurtured by your home, as if its your own personal paradise; or does your home stress you out? If you feel calmed and nurtured by your home, it’s because it probably has good energy and you’re experiencing intuitive Feng Shui.

Are good things happening to you, opportunities opening up, and problems easily solving themselves; or do you feel that it’s just one thing after another, you’re stuck and can’t seem to get ahead?  If good things are happening to you, and life even with its challenges is flowing smoothly,  then you’re experiencing intuitive Feng Shui.

Do you find that you sleep better in one room over another, or enjoy sitting in one area of your home better than the rest? If so, take a close look at those rooms because they exhibit intuitive Feng Shui.
Without you even thinking too much about it, you’re intuitively arranging areas in your home to be  balanced and allow the energy to flow in a positive way.

Feng Shui is based on three guiding principles:

1)    Everything is alive.  Everything in your home is talking at you either positively or negatively. If you listen to the chatter and quickly do something about it (discarding, clearing, replacing, repairing or redecorating) then you’re allowing your energy to be transformed and are practicing intuitive Feng Shui. If on the other hand you live with clutter and broken items your energy will be drained.

2)    Everything is Connected. When you allow changes to be made, a chain reaction in energy flow occurs. You may feel you have more energy, smile more, feel healthier, want to do nice things for others; this in turn will lead to positive opportunities. Just by clearing a closet and bringing clothes to a consignment store I have made new friends and business opportunities. By observing and celebrating the connections your positive energy creates you are practicing intuitive Feng Shui.

3)    Everything is Constantly Changing. Life has a way of being in a constant flow; nothing remains the same. The art of Feng Shui is to steer the flow in positive directions. One opportunity can lead to another. If you allow the energy in your home to help move you forward you are practicing intuitive Feng Shui.