Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Activating Feng Shui Energy While Traveling

Travel season is upon us, and so many are taking the opportunity to enjoy exploring far away lands.


The key to good travel Feng Shui is to bring it with you internally as well as externally by packing a few enhancing items for spaces you will be temporarily occupying. Because Feng Shui is about creating harmony with the world around you, there’s no better time to step up your travel Feng Shui than while you are in transit, either at or between destinations. 


In her book “The Western Guide to Feng Shui” Terah Kathryn Collins goes into detail on how to create a Feng Shui Travel Kit. My daughter liked this idea so much that she created a kit she gave to me as a gift. The following are excerpts from the book, with some of my personal examples.    

Create a Feng Shui Travel Kit. Following Terah’s advice, on trips I always bring a soft Feng Shui travel pouch filled with the following items: 

  • A small diagram of the Bagua

  • One or more round faceted crystals on strings

  • Four small items in white, red, purple and green or blue to place in each corresponding corners of the room: White in Helpful People and Travel, purple in Wealth and Prosperity, red in Love, Marriage and Relationships, and green or blue in Knowledge and Self-Cultivation.  I also bring a small picture of flowers to place in the Health, Family and Friends area.                                    (My daughter cut out angel figures from colored construction paper for this purpose.)

  • Four tea lights (scented ones are nice) in their own metal or plastic cups

  • Cleansing incense, such as pine or sandalwood

  • Thumbtacks, safety pins, matches, string

  • A multicolored scarf with colors that represent the Five Elements (white, black, green or blue,       yellow, and red hues)

  • A smooth stone or natural crystal for grounding energy

  • A touchstone that reminds me physically and emotionally of “home,” such as a picture of loved    ones or another item from home. (I have a small picture of  our wedding.)

Start at the front door of your hotel room or rental house or apartment. Referring to the Bagua, place one crystal in front of a window; place blues, greens, or florals in the Health, Family, and Friends area; purple tones in Wealth and Prosperity; white in Helpful People and Travel; and red, white, and/or pink in the Love, Marriage, and Relationships area. If the room feels especially stagnant, hang a crystal in the center of the room. Set up a place of beauty in the area you see when you wake up. You can really energize this space by laying a cloth or scarf that contains the colors of all the Five Elements and adding incense, candles, and fresh flowers when available.

Move the furniture if necessary. You can also use a towel or your Five-Element scarf to cover the TV, which is usually a big hunk of energy staring down at the bed. As always, make sure to keep the room clutter free.    

When we rented an apartment in Paris, I noticed that the plants in the window boxes were all dead, and since we were staying one week I chose to purchase geranium plants from a local florist. The change created a beautiful view and helped to activate our Ch'i while there. 


Creating a personalized space for ourselves in temporary environments allows us to center, unwind, and fully enjoy the fun of traveling stress free.