Wednesday, December 11, 2019

One Way to Lighten Your Load for the New Year - Begin With Feng Shui

A new year...a new beginning! What has been holding you back, dragging you down or causing conflict in your life? What are you willing to let go of as the New Year begins?

When bringing in the New Year, be sure not to bring all your baggage with you; whether clutter in your home, your personal habits, behaviors and attitudes that have annoyed you, or toxic individuals that bring you down. Choose something in your home to pass on, some behavior you want to change and/or some people that no longer nurture your well-being; you'll feel much lighter, allowing you to get a great running start on the year to come.

We all need change from time to time. It keeps us alive and vital. It keeps us engaged and on our toes. This is true for us as well as our homes. The three Feng Shui principles are: Everything is alive, everything is connected and everything is constantly changing. Embrace this change process for the New Year and watch as the energy shifts and wonderful new opportunities come your way.

Feng Shui, which has been practiced for over 3,000 years in China, is the enhancement of health, prosperity, and happiness through a connection with your environment; your vitality, resources, and loving connections flourish and grow best in harmonious, uncluttered environments that intentionally meet your unique needs and express your personal preferences.

Lightening your household load:
Organizing possessions and eliminating clutter can be viewed as an exciting mission that opens the way to harmony.  By getting rid of the things you no longer want or need, you revitalize your home and make room for what you really DO want to flow into your life; you enhance your happiness,  clarity and peace of mind. In Feng Shui everything counts, so your storage areas are as important as the most lived-in areas. In other words, if your room is orderly because everything is stuffed into a closet, you are not practicing Feng Shui.

Clutter is defined as any items that are disliked, unused, in excess and/or unorganized. To begin choose a space you consider cluttered, such as a closet, storeroom, cabinet, desk drawer, table top, or kitchen cupboard, and as you’re organizing and decluttering, ask yourself these questions:
“Do I love it? Do I need it? Does it represent or support who I am now? What pleasant or unpleasant memories does it hold? Does it need repair, and am I willing to restore it right now? If I’m letting go, will I sell, lend, or give it away, and when?”


It is helpful to have three bags or boxes labeled, Keep, Throw Away and Donate or Sell. As you sort through each item you put it in its respective box or bag. As soon as you are done, immediately throw away the Trash box, replace the Keep box in an organized place and quickly drop off the donate box, and/or list the items you wish to sell. 


In Feng Shui there is a saying, “That if you want a change in your life move 27 items in your home.” 3 and 9 are auspicious numbers in Chinese numerology. My husband and I do this at the end of every year to welcome in positive change for the new year.


Happy New Year and many Feng Shui Blessings to You!