Thursday, February 13, 2014

Exercise Equipment and Feng Shui

   Two keys to a healthy body are exercise and rest. Unfortunately, in Feng Shui these two elements don't live well together in the same room. It's wonderful having exercise equipment at home so you can quickly and efficiently get in the minutes you need to get your heart rate up. At the same time bedrooms are designed for serenity, romance and rest. Exercise equipment is associated with activity that can chase  the feeling of serenity right out of the room. Remember that in Feng Shui everything is alive and constantly talking to you. Treadmills, stationary bikes etc. are constantly reminding you to get up and exercise. This can be especially frustrating if you are not using them and constantly  reminded of your guilt. Just when you need to rest, these action figures are announcing to you that you're looking a bit flabby and haven't used them for a while. Do you really need that constant reminder in your life?
  To maintain peace and tranquility in the bedroom, dedicate it to its original role - the room for the bed, and furniture that suggests relaxation such as comfortable chairs and soft lamps.

    So where is the best place to put exercise equipment? If you are truly planning on using it regularly the best places in your home are in more active rooms such as dens, exercise rooms, family rooms, garages etc. Bagua locations are good in the Health, Creativity, Helpful People areas. Wherever you put this equipment, make sure its being used,  otherwise it becomes a nagging reminder. Better then to sell it and use the money to go to the gym, like one of my clients ended up doing. She is having much more fun now, has met more friends, and has more space in her home.