Sunday, December 30, 2012

Feng Shui Offices Bring Career Success

Whether in your home or at work, your office can act to empower or disempower you.  Make your home/work office your place of power; what you do there leads directly to your prosperity and success. 
“The act of turning the places where we work into places that we love, can transform our own lives, and will in turn positively affect the lives of everyone around us.” Denise Linn
Recommendations for creating powerful home and business offices:
· The most important recommendation is that your desk is placed so that you’re sitting in the room’s most powerful“command” position. You want to have a perfect view of the door. It is also best to have a solid wall, not a window, behind you. If you can’t move away from the window, put plants, shades of furniture as a buffer between you and the window. If your desk is built in, and you can’t reposition it, put a mirror on or behind your desk to reflect the door.

· As always in Feng Shui, being organized is critical. Powerful, productive Chi cannot find its way through piles of papers, files and office equipment. Your productivity will skyrocket if you adopt an organizing strategy and stick to it.  This office corner not only is cluttered but the chair has it's back to the door.


·        Sharp angles and corners promote irritation and aggression, so camouflage them with plants, fabric, or small hanging items such a crystal. When buying new furniture choose designs with rounded corners. Circular and oval tables are the best for sustaining harmony at meetings.
·        Your chair, or “throne” should be the most comfortable and ergonomically correct for you.
·        Choose a desk large enough to store all of your work and give you adequate working space. Ensure that all wiring is hidden in desk openings, or behind screens or plants.
·        This is a place for powerful art and colors that represent your career and contributions to the world. As in applying the Bagua to your entire home, you can apply the same Bagua to your office beginning at its front entrance.
The areas in your office should take on the qualities of the Bagua area in which they reside. Stand at your office door and face the room. Determine if you are entering from Knowledge, Career or Helpful People, and arrange the room accordingly. By placing objects in your office that anchor the various Bagua areas you stimulate and sustain your creative juices and provide your office with meaning and balance.