Friday, September 14, 2012

Feng Shui's Joyous Lake

In Feng Shui the middle right area of your home is known as the Children and Creativity area; also known in the I Ching as “Joyous Lake.” This is an important area because it’s associated with pleasure, generosity, encouragement and creativity. The essential idea of this teaching is that by encouraging others to fully express themselves; we bring success and pleasure to ourselves. Parents and teachers are energized when they encourage their children to learn and grow through creative expression. This is true of our own creativity; we all need encouragement and admiration from our family and friends so we can blossom into full creative expression. Being supporters and cheerleaders for each other is very important!
This area of your home can be enhanced through whites, pastels, metal items, whimsical art, pictures of children, or items created by children or yourself. This is an excellent spot for children’s rooms or craft rooms. In my home this area is my laundry room, so I have enhanced it by hanging numerous collage frames of pictures of my daughter through the years. I can do laundry and take a trip down memory lane as I watch her grow up. Where is this area in your house?