Thursday, July 17, 2014

Amimals Can Enhance Feng Shui Energy

Do you own a pet?  Did you know that as well as offering comfort and companionship, when well cared for, animals represent the element of Fire and  are natural producers of lively Ch’i;  vital life force energy? As usual, with anything in Feng Shui animals need to be treated with respect, dignity and be well cared for. This way they will add “spark” to your life.
Some important recommendations for ensuring good Ch’i in your home when living with animals are:

  • Make sure your indoor pets have their own special place in your home.   This lucky cat has his own perch in the bedroom where he can sleep or look out at the world. 
  • Keep pet homes fresh and clean to assure the health and vitality of your animals and the quality of Ch’i flowing through your home.
  • Pet boxes can be drains of energy in the particular Bagua area they reside. To avoid this, keep them extra clean, made attractive, hooded and out of the way in laundry rooms, garages, large bathrooms or basements. This cat box in the laundry room is enhanced with flowers and whimsical items for the Children and Creativity area.
  •  For outdoor pets also ensure their homes are clean, dry and that they have adequate space for exercise.

Taking these steps will help you achieve years of love and pleasure with your pet, as well as healthy, vibrant energy blessing your home and your life.