Thursday, February 7, 2019

Doors - The Feng Shui Mouth of Ch'i

Doors are very important in Feng Shui as they are considered “The mouth of Ch’i” to your home or a room. The life force energy (Ch’i) enters through the front door and meanders slowly breathing life into every room.

The front entrance is one of the most important areas of your home because it is meant to “En-trance” your guests and the Ch’i therefore keeping it uncluttered and beautiful is imperative to your well being.

Below are a few suggestions for making your doors enhance your space:

Painting a front door a shade of red is considered to attract prosperity.

Avoid having doors lined up directly across from other doors or large windows. If that is 
        the case, if you can’t place something substantial in-between you can hang a round faceted
        crystal from the ceiling midway between them to help circulate the Ch’i.

Make sure all doors open smoothly and that nothing is stored behind them.

Repair any door that is broken in some way.

Ensure that areas around doors (especially the front door) are well lit.

Hang an attractive piece of art directly in front of a door so you see something
        beautiful  when you walk in.

Keep doors to bathrooms closed, if you can see the bathroom from your bed.

Enjoy the circulation of nurturing, revitalizing Ch'i in your home.