Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Feng Shui and the Wonder of Flowers

I've been taking a Flower Arranging class now for 30 weeks,  and have discovered that working with these beautiful flowers on a regular basis allows me to reflect on their wonder and power.

In Feng Shui flowers  are the quintessential Ch'i enhancers for our homes. They provide us with the beauty and wonder of nature,  and help us stay connected and grounded to the natural world.
Flowers are naturally connected to good health. That's why people bring you flowers when you're ill.

In the Feng Shui Bagua,  flowers are a natural enhancer for the Health/Family/Friends area, in the left middle area of your home and business. I always put fresh flowers there when I, or anyone I know, is experiencing a health challenge.

The colors of flowers and the makeup of their vases can be used to enhance all the other Bagua areas:

The Wealth area -  purple flowers

The Fame  area - red flowers

The Love and Marriage area - pinks or red flowers (preferably a plant like an orchid with 2 stems) or with a representation of love, like this heart

The Children and Creativity Area  and Helpful People areas- white flowers in round, oval, grey, white or metal vases

The Center area - earth tone flowers in ceramic vases

The Career areas - red flowers as greeters at an entrance in black shiny vases

Use the beauty of nature to paint a palette of colorful enhancements in your home.

You can also create beautiful 5 element displays with flowers using their colors, shapes and vase attributes. For example:

In this arrangement Metal is represented by the round shape of the vase, Earth by the color yellow, Fire by the candles and by the color red, Water by the water in the vase and the dark centers of the flowers and Wood is obviously represented by the flowers themselves. There you have it! A perfectly enhancing arrangement to uplift your Ch'i and your spirit.

Remember that an alternative to fresh flowers is artificial flowers which have the same uplifting effect; but like everything in Feng Shui flowers can uplift the Ch'i if beautiful and healthy, or deplete it if sick, dusty or depleting. If your plants begin to wilt and look sickly, move them on and replace them with vibrant healthy ones.  Artificial plants need to be kept clean and dust free at all times to have the same uplifting effect.

Take time to slow down an smell the flowers; the nourishing effect will amaze you.