Wednesday, December 11, 2019

One Way to Lighten Your Load for the New Year - Begin With Feng Shui

A new year...a new beginning! What has been holding you back, dragging you down or causing conflict in your life? What are you willing to let go of as the New Year begins?

When bringing in the New Year, be sure not to bring all your baggage with you; whether clutter in your home, your personal habits, behaviors and attitudes that have annoyed you, or toxic individuals that bring you down. Choose something in your home to pass on, some behavior you want to change and/or some people that no longer nurture your well-being; you'll feel much lighter, allowing you to get a great running start on the year to come.

We all need change from time to time. It keeps us alive and vital. It keeps us engaged and on our toes. This is true for us as well as our homes. The three Feng Shui principles are: Everything is alive, everything is connected and everything is constantly changing. Embrace this change process for the New Year and watch as the energy shifts and wonderful new opportunities come your way.

Feng Shui, which has been practiced for over 3,000 years in China, is the enhancement of health, prosperity, and happiness through a connection with your environment; your vitality, resources, and loving connections flourish and grow best in harmonious, uncluttered environments that intentionally meet your unique needs and express your personal preferences.

Lightening your household load:
Organizing possessions and eliminating clutter can be viewed as an exciting mission that opens the way to harmony.  By getting rid of the things you no longer want or need, you revitalize your home and make room for what you really DO want to flow into your life; you enhance your happiness,  clarity and peace of mind. In Feng Shui everything counts, so your storage areas are as important as the most lived-in areas. In other words, if your room is orderly because everything is stuffed into a closet, you are not practicing Feng Shui.

Clutter is defined as any items that are disliked, unused, in excess and/or unorganized. To begin choose a space you consider cluttered, such as a closet, storeroom, cabinet, desk drawer, table top, or kitchen cupboard, and as you’re organizing and decluttering, ask yourself these questions:
“Do I love it? Do I need it? Does it represent or support who I am now? What pleasant or unpleasant memories does it hold? Does it need repair, and am I willing to restore it right now? If I’m letting go, will I sell, lend, or give it away, and when?”


It is helpful to have three bags or boxes labeled, Keep, Throw Away and Donate or Sell. As you sort through each item you put it in its respective box or bag. As soon as you are done, immediately throw away the Trash box, replace the Keep box in an organized place and quickly drop off the donate box, and/or list the items you wish to sell. 


In Feng Shui there is a saying, “That if you want a change in your life move 27 items in your home.” 3 and 9 are auspicious numbers in Chinese numerology. My husband and I do this at the end of every year to welcome in positive change for the new year.


Happy New Year and many Feng Shui Blessings to You!

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Feng Shui Holiday Decorating Nurtures Your Home

The holidays are upon us. It’s time to surround yourself with energizing holiday decorations. Whether you decorate with a Menorah or Christmas Tree, the objects you bring into your home for the holidays will represent positive energy. Menorahs add fire to any room, Christmas trees represent growth, and all the bright colors, lights, garlands, and traditional objects make the home’s energy flow easily and create an environment for family gatherings.  As you decorate think about using the Feng Shui Bagua to help guide you in placement. You can use the Bagua on the whole house, or for the main room where you will be entertaining. Place the Bagua over the entry of the room and use the attributes of each area to guide you in  altering  that room’s energy  by selecting the areas where you place your decorations: Green for family growth, red for action, pink for relationship, white or metal for intuition, purple for abundance, blue for knowledge and yellow for centering and florals for  good health.

The Feng Shui Bagua
The Feng Shui  Bagua (Ba-gua) Map, is represented  as a grid of nine sectors, which comes from the Chinese philosophy, “The I Ching,” and literally means “eight trigrams” with the center for grounding. Wherever you place your holiday decorations, consider the following enhancements for each area.             

Career Area (Water Element)
 Items in items in black or very dark colors, glass/crystal items, water features

Knowledge and Self Cultivation Area (Wood Element)
 Items in wood, the colors of blues, greens, plants (great location for Christmas tree)

Friends/Family/Health Area (Wood Element)
Fresh or artificial floral arrangements or art depicting vibrant flowers, the colors blue or green, place photos of yourself or your loved one in a healthy state (great for family gatherings)

Wealth Area (Fire Element)
Opulent items in the purple color spectrum, Healthy, round leaf plants (great location for presents)

Fame Area (Fire Element)
The colors red, items representing the fire element with candles and lighting 

Love and Marriage Area (Fire Element)
Pairs of items, art or photos depicting romance, reds, and pinks

Children and Creativity Area (Metal Element)
Items in metal, colors of white and pastels, whimsical art, pictures of children

Helpful People and Travel Area (Metal Element)
Art or figures pertaining to spiritual guides, angels, metal and colors of white, black or grey                                                                                                                                                                 
Center Area
Ceramics, the colors yellow, earth tones, and rectangle shapes

As you can imagine, your holiday decorations can fit easily in all these areas. Christmas trees work well in Knowledge, Family and Health, but because of all the colors, lights, garland and ornaments can represent all of the elements and act as five element displays wherever placed. This is a win – win! Menorahs representing fire enhance any of the three fire areas, but like the Christmas tree, depending on the colors and what it is made of they can also hold all of the elements. You really can’t go wrong with holiday decorations!

Have a blessed holiday season!

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Turn Your Master Bedroom Into a Nurturing Boudoir With Feng Shui

In Feng Shui the bedroom is vitally important; it is where you get rejuvenated, therefore the location plays a vital role in your peace and harmony.  The front of your home is the most active; therefore, rooms such as offices, exercise rooms, and kitchens are the best here. Bedrooms need the more peaceful location at the back of the house. Unfortunately, we don’t always have control over this, and must do what we can to turn a front room into a peaceful haven.

Master Bedroom – Your Romantic Boudoir
One of the most important rooms in Feng Shui is the master bedroom.  Therefore, what you do with this bedroom has far reaching implications to your well being, harmony and relationships. The best master bedroom colors are found in the warm skin tones of all races of people; from light beige, tans, cocoas, pinks, peaches, subtle yellows, earthy reds, copper, gold, bronze among others. The colors that are too cool and do not work in master bedrooms are pure white, grey, black, blues, and greens because they create a chilly room versus a sensual one. 

In the master bedroom the art and pictures should represent the qualities of the Love and Marriage area of the Bagua: pairs of items such as figurines and candles, pictures and art reflecting couples and romantic representations, pictures of you and your significant other.  It is not recommended to put photographs of your children and family in your master bedrooms. Photographs of your family are better served in areas of your home where family is dominant, such as living rooms, family rooms, playrooms and hallways. The bedroom is a romantic oasis, not a place to display photos of mom, dad or the kids. 

Singles Bedrooms 
Whether male or female singles looking for love need to create a romantic boudoir to prepare your room for another; two nightstands, two lamps, two throw pillows on the bed. Remove exercise equipment, family pictures, excess dolls and stuffed animals. Enhance the room as you would the Love and Marriage area of the Bagua, with pairs of items, and romantic art depicting pairs of subjects such as people, animals, flowers, trees or sculptures. All these further energize your desire and intention to be romantically involved. 

Furnishings and D├ęcor
Televisions in bedrooms tend to activate you and do not allow for restful sleep. I like many others like watching TV in bed, but I find I get better sleep when I turn off the TV, close it up, and read for a few minutes before “lights out”.  The key is to keep the TV in a cabinet or armoire so it can be closed upon retiring.  If this can’t be done, I have recommended placing a decorative drape over the TV so that the electromagnetic screen isn’t staring at you all night.

Bedrooms should be relatively free of clutter; especially avoid accumulating clutter under the bed, as it obstructs the flow of Ch’i. Also avoid keeping exercise equipment or home office items in bedrooms as they signify work. 

The rule of thumb for mirrors in the bedroom is “one or less, and not facing the bed.” Mirrors are too active for the tranquility of bedrooms. If you or your children have the misfortune of having large closet door mirrors, and find it hard to get restful sleep, you may consider curtaining them at night or adding decorative wooden or screen like panels instead. 

Enjoy the rejuvenation powers of your bedroom. Nighty night!

Friday, October 4, 2019

Make Yourself Happy With Feng Shui

Finding happiness is easier than you think with the help of Feng Shui in the home. One of my clients texted me that after her Feng Shui enhancements she absolutely loves how her bedroom feels. She said it makes her so happy to wake up to the hearts she displayed across from her bed; and the day after she put a beautiful red rug down in her Wealth and Prosperity area, she received a commission check in the mail for substantially more than she thought she would get.  Feng Shui works!

This client loves to turn pressed flowers into art. To create a romantic representation in her bedroom she made the flowers into the shape of hearts and placed them in pairs across from the bed. As she stated, seeing them every morning makes her happy!  She also placed her ceramic pot collection in pairs and is now experiencing the love of her soulmate. 

Feng Shui has made me happy for over 20 years, and now I’m delighted to pass on the happiness to friends, family and clients.

Its’ all about the flow of the life force energy called Ch’i. If  you don't have enough joy it may mean that the flow of Ch’i is out of balance.  A consultation with a skilled practitioner will help you improve the flow of beneficial energy which in turn will balance your home, leading to more fun and happiness to your life. 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Feng Shui is All About Love

Feng Shui is all about LOVE!

1) Loving the people in your life

2) Loving the home you live in

3) Loving what you do

One of the Focuses of Feng Shui is to live with what you love. 

“Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible – it cannot be seen or measures, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any other material possession could”    Barbara de Angelis

Since Feng Shui is all about the feeling that your environment evokes, it’s very important that you surround yourself with beauty and items that you love. One of the Feng Shui principles is that “everything in your house is alive and talking to you all the time.” What are the items in your house telling you? Do they contain bad memories? Do they remind you of work you need to do, or do they add beauty to your life? Make sure the art, furnishings and accessories in your home give you a positive message and evoke warm, positive feelings; that way you can ensure your home is nourishing you. 

If a client tells me that there is nothing about their home they like, I encourage them to place an item they absolutely love in the room; a vase, a painting a pillow etc.  This item alone will begin changing the energy flow and soon start leading to more beauty. 

Feel the difference when you surround yourself with what you love!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

When Remodeling a Kitchen Think Feng Shui For Better Harmony

If you are entertaining  a major kitchen remodel, like we experienced 6 years ago, or just sprucing it up, taking time to incorporate Feng Shui principles will bring you positive energy and harmony. 

It is said that food and a warm kitchen is what makes a house a home.  In Feng Shui food symbolizes health and wealth. When money is flowing we can afford to buy the best food to sustain good health. When we are in good health, we are best able to make a good living. Because food bridges the two treasures of wealth and health special attention is given to the place where food is prepared – the kitchen. 

It is interesting to note that, like people, things also tend to congregate in kitchens – from, toys, shoes, homework, tools and gadgets. Kitchens easily become cluttered. To keep the Chi flowing and to support your desire to cook, kitchens should be returned to a clean state after each use. 

Check the location of your kitchen on  the Bagua Map, and if it’s an area you want to energize, be creative. The most auspicious location for kitchens is the center of the home. This is the centering, grounding area – a perfect place for the “hearth” or heart of the home, but all other sectors can be enhanced and energized.

Kitchens and the Bagua
The Feng Shui  Bagua (Ba-gua) Map, is represented  as a grid of nine sectors.  The Bagua comes from the Chinese philosophy, “The I Ching,” and literally means “eight trigrams” with the center for grounding. 

Kitchens should take on the qualities of the Bagua area they reside in. Here are some examples of using the Bagua enhancements for kitchens:

Kitchens in Career Area
* Items in items in black or very dark colors, glass/crystal items, items reflecting your work
* Art depicting water scenes (the sink in itself acts as a water feature)

Kitchens in Knowledge and Self Cultivation Area
* Items in wood, the colors of blues, greens, or black and in the shape of columns or stripes
* Healthy plants with rounded soft leaves and art depicting nature scenes

Kitchens in Friends/Family/Health Area
* Healthy floral arrangements, art depicting vibrant flowers, Items in wood, colors of blues, greens
* Photos of family, friends or representing perfect health

Kitchens in Wealth Area
* Opulent items in the purple color spectrum, art representing wealth.
* Healthy, round leaf plants

Kitchens in Fame Area
* Items in the colors red and inspirational sayings
* Art representing the fire element such as suns, sunsets (the stove and lighting also bring in the fire element)

Kitchens in Love and Marriage Area
* Pairs of items (candles, love birds, vases)
* Art or photos depicting romance, colors of reds, pinks and white

Kitchens in Children and Creativity Area
* Photos of children or items made by children (great place for children’s art on refrigerator)
* Items in metal and the colors of white and pastels, whimsical art


Kitchens in Helpful People and Travel Area
* Art pertaining to spiritual guides, mentors, helpful people or desired  travel  locations                     * Items in metal and colors of white, black or grey (most kitchens have metal appliances)       

Kitchens in Center Area
* This is an auspicious location because food preparation is associated with the hearth
* Items and art in ceramics, the colors yellow, earth tones, and rectangle shapes

Friday, July 19, 2019

Find Joy Through Feng Shui

The purpose of Feng Shui is to give your life joy.  In Feng Shui your environment reflects your consciousness, and everything is connected. Therefore, looking at  your environment  to bring you joy is a great way to start.

One of the Feng Shui principles is to “Live with What You Love”, therefore you can easily begin this transformation by surrounding yourself with things you love, and follow these easy steps:

Look for items that bring you joy and place them in areas of your home that need work.

Bring your favorite colors into your home.

In Feng Shui curves lead to harmony.  Surround yourself with soft, curved items.


Display items related to hobbies and activities that make you happy.


Display pictures of happy times.

Bring plants and fresh flower arrangements into your home.

Surrounding yourself with joyous reminders and items of beauty will nourish your spirit, and when placed in areas that make you feel stuck or unhappy, they will help transform the energy.
Enjoy the happiness Feng Shui can bring into your life!


Thursday, June 20, 2019

Interested in Feng Shui? Here is a Step by Step Guide

There is really no mystery to Feng Shui. It’s an ancient Chinese art that allows us to create harmony and balance through our environment. This harmony and balance lend support to our lives. When our lives are supported through our environment it’s much easier to achieve the things we want such as well being, love and happiness.

A trained Feng Shui practitioner can help you begin this valuable journey and lead you to the benefits of Feng Shui by following a few easy steps:

Your Step By Step Guide to Positive Feng Shui:

1) Map out your home using the Bagua

2) Do a self-evaluation of your needs (more love, health, prosperity, career etc.)

3) Locate that area of the Bagua in your home

4) Clean and declutter that area

5) Enhance using the recommendations for each of the Bagua areas

6) Anchor if the area is missing

7) State or write your affirmations and begin reaping the rewards

8) Learn  to practice Inner Feng Shui

This practice is an ongoing lifestyle. Once you learn how, you can use your “Feng Shui Eyes” to continue this journey forever.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

How Feng Shui Can Help You Through Unexpected Change

There are three principles in Feng Shui:

1) Everything is alive.
2) Everything is connected.
3) Everything is constantly changing.

The third principle can be the most challenging because sometimes change comes unexpectedly and is not always positive. 

With the right mental attitude we can completely reframe the way we experience challenges, and can come to view them as some of our most valuable life experiences. You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens,  and you can use Feng Shui to support your energy, and in that  you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you. 

When our downstairs flooded a few years ago, it could have been a very stressful time. With Feng Shui, we took time to breathe, regroup, seek out support, gather resources and even laugh about it. Time has passed and we look back at that time as a learning experience.  We have taken time to declutter and redecorate, and we now love our new room. 

Learn how to use Feng Shui during challenging changes in my  newspaper column,
 "Dealing with Life's Challenges the Feng Shui Way."
With the right mental attitude we can completely reframe the way we experience challenges, and can come to view them as some of our most valuable life experiences. You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens and you can use Feng Shui to support your energy, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you. Learn how in my latest newspaper column, "Dealing with Life's Challenges the Feng Shui Way."

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Get Centered and Grounded with Feng Shui

How grounded and connected to your center are you feeling right now? Are you at peace with your decisions and comfortable with you life’s flow? If not, what can you do to improve that? Feng Shui can help!

I recently did two home consultations with clients who were feeling scattered, couldn't focus and did not feel grounded. A look at the center area of their home told the story. One had a staircase leading downstairs right in the center of their home, pulling the energy down. The other had her dining room in the center with a round glass table with a black stand, black and white chairs and a large mirror framed in black. Black, glass and mirrors represent the water element, while white and circles represent the metal element which holds water. Her grounding area was literally being washed away. It was no wonder she didn't want to sit there.

For the first client I recommended a mirror at the bottom of the stairs facing up, to keep the energy from rushing down and earth tone pictures on either side of the stairwell. For the second client,  I recommended removing the mirror, replacing it with a large earth tone picture, placing earth tone place mats on the table and an earth tone flower arrangement in a ceramic vase in the center. 

They both reported feeling much better. 

In the Feng Shui  Bagua (Ba-gua) Map, represented  as a grid of nine sectors, the Center area is located in the center  of your home/business. The Bagua comes from the Chinese philosophy, “The I Ching,” and literally means “eight trigrams" with the center for grounding. 

 In the “I Ching” the Center area of your home or business is a neutral place; a perfect balance of yin and yang – a place of peace. 

The element for the Center is Earth, suggesting the importance of arranging your life around a solid base. It is related to the color yellow and symbolized by the shape of the square or rectangle. Enhance this area when you want to cultivate the experience of being grounded and centered, or when you want to harmonize and balance different parts of life such as Love and Career, or Wealth and Creativity. 

Enhancements for enriching  the interior  Center of  your home or business:     
Art, photos, collages representing  the earth, landscapes in the color yellow, (sunflowers, deserts), items in the yellow color spectrum, things made of  ceramics  or pottery, ceramic tiles  or bricks, items in the shape of rectangles or squares, quotes, affirmations and sayings pertaining to feeling grounded and centered.

Enhancements for enriching  the Center area outside your home or business:
This is an ideal area for a courtyard, patio or atrium, garden art and statuary in ceramics, ceramic tiles, fountains, pots and benches, items, flowers, plants in the yellow spectrum, square or rectangular shapes.

The Element of the Center:
The element for this area is Earth.  Earth is represented by the soil.  When In balance in your home it enhances a feeling of being grounded, balanced, organized, and stable. 

Wishing you the ability to stay grounded and focused as you move through life! Use Feng Shui to help you. 

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Let Your Front Entrance Improve Your Feng Shui

Spring is here! My flowers are blooming and I’ve just had my front door and walkway repainted. I’m ready for the positive energy to flow my way. Why was this such an important step?  I went out of my way to spruce up the front because in Feng Shui the Entrance Foyer is one of the two most important areas of a home; the other being the master bedroom.

The Entrance Foyer is more than just the entry way inside your home or business. The area leadingupto your front door, the actual threshold itself, and the area immediately inside your home orbusiness(the foyer) are all considered part of your front entrance. This area is critical – this is the place of your guests’ first impressions and where the vital energy, called Ch’i, enters your home.  The word “entrance” means to “en – trance” your guests and welcome them with beauty. By making your entrance fabulous you also attract and nourish the Chi entering your home.

 Your entrance can be located in one of the three areas of the Bagua’s entrance quadrant.

Entrances and the Bagua
The Feng Shui  Bagua (Ba-gua) Map, is represented  as a grid of nine sectors.  The Bagua comes from the Chinese philosophy, “The I Ching,” and literally means “eight trigrams,” with the center being for grounding.  Entrances should take on the qualities of the Bagua area they reside in. 

In each of the three areas it is important to remember that traditionally in Feng Shui the best art in the household is displayed by the front door. This is to honor everyone who enters your home. When you have space, consider setting up a welcoming arrangement that may include a table appointed with a flower arrangement.  When your foyer is small, hang an attractive mirror on the side walls. Do not hang a mirror directly facing the front door as it will send the energy back out.  Create a token place of welcome even when there’s no foyer. Do whatever you can to present your guests, and yourself, with a warm and welcoming first impression. 

Entering from the Center – Career Area
This area is especially important if you desire to energize your career:
* As always, ensure that this area is clutter free.
* Hang art depicting water, such as streams, ponds, rivers or oceans 
* This is a great location for a small fountain or aquarium
* Display items, such as statues, accessories, or furniture in black or very dark colors or in                asymmetrical shapes.
*Hang mirrors, and/or display glass/crystal items, such as a crystal vase or a glass table. A      round faceted crystal hanging from the ceiling helps the energy flow in small more confined spaces. 

Entering from the Left – Knowledge and Self Cultivation Area
* Keep this area clutter free, since clutter does not act to soothe the mind.
* Items in the colors of blues, greens, or black
* Items in the shape of columns or stripes
* Hang art representing mountains, woods, or anything that depicts a quiet outdoor space or   
   meditation gardens
* Wooden tables or bookcases
* Healthy plants with rounded soft leaves

Entering from the Right – Helpful People and Travel Area
* Art or figures pertaining to spiritual guides, and/or mentors, helpful people or of  places where            you  have traveled or want to travel                                                                                           * Items that have a powerful personal association with your spiritual beliefs                                    * Items in the colors white, black or grey                                                                                           * Things made of metal – brass, steel, pewter, silver, gold, aluminum, copper etc. such as furniture, lamps, candle holders, frames, figurines                                                                                                                                                  

Outside of your Entrance:
This is the first thing your guests see. It is imperative that it is kept clean and clutter free. Here are some other fun decorating ideas to create an auspicious first impression in your entrance:

Landscaping: Make the landscaping around your front entrance especially inviting, with only healthy lush colorful plants. 

Pathways: If possible, design a curved, meandering path to your front door. Place seating or interesting garden art by your front door. 

Ornaments: Hang wind chimes to call in the Ch’i, and especially in the Career area place a bubbling fountain that flows toward the home, or 360 degrees.  A beautiful wreath and/or doormat also act to welcome guests. By placing a pot with a beautiful plant on either side of the door, or two like sculptures you create “greeters” to welcome your guests.  

Lighting: Good lighting is very important for safety as well as beauty.  

The Color Red: In Feng Shui, the color red is often suggested to attract prosperity and joy into the home. You can paint your door any shade of red, or place red objects or flowers near the door.  The choices are endless!

Entrances and Staircases: 
When staircases point directly at the front entrance they create rivers of Ch'i flowing out of your home, along with health, vitality, and good fortune. You can stop this flow by installing an aesthetic barrier between door and stairs such as a screen, plant, furniture, or art. When there is no room for this, the easiest fix is to hang a mirror directly facing the stairs, or hanging a round faceted crystal above the bottom step to recirculate and send the Ch’i back into the home.

Feng Shui at Work: 
When I visit a client’s home for a consult, I stand at the front entrance for a few minutes before ringing the bell. I like to see what the entrance is telling me. Does the Ch’i know where to go? Is it welcoming me or does is not want me to enter? My last consultation in Napa had the most amazing entrance with a curved pathway, two huge double doors painted a rich red. As I stood in the doorway, on one side was a red framed mirror and the other had a lovely bench with comfortable pillows, and pots with healthy inviting plants. I knew this was going to be a good consult!

I love our entrance! During a consultation I always ask clients what they like best and least about their homes.  For me, the answer always is the entrance foyer.  The walkway leading to our house had a sharp 90 angle which I softened by creating a wavy line with black river rocks and curved stones right at the corner. I placed a fish statue in the center. It represents a black pond and helps create a meandering path. Colorful flowers such as Dahlias and Impatiens greet me along the path. As I walk up the stone steps the sound of a bubbling 360-degree fountain, and wind chime call to me. Two large Azalea trees act as greeters at the bottom step, while two Christmas cactus plants (soft, not prickly) in black pots are on either side of the burgundy door with beveled glass.  The door opens into the center of my home which is painted a warm yellow tone, with large mirror on one side reflecting one of my father’s favorite oil paintings of an Italian seascape. I’m home! 

Remember that in Feng Shui, intent plays a significant role in enhancing any area of your home or business. That’s why all enhancements need to be made with intentionality; written or stated affirmations expressed as if they are already happening are very important.  Examples or affirmations for entrances:  “I attract many positive opportunities and circumstances”, “I am peaceful, calm, and share knowledge with others”,” I constantly attract helpful, generous, loving people into my life.”