Thursday, February 23, 2017

Garbage Can Effect Your Feng Shui

In Feng Shui EVERYTHING COUNTS, including garbage.
Which leaves us with a real conundrum…where is the best location for garbage receptacles in your home?

This subject came up on  last week's  Western School of Feng Shui conference call.   A practitioner asked the question, “Where can garbage bins be placed so that they will be most effective?  Could it be the Helpful People sector because the purpose of garage bins is to efficiently move waste out of the house?

Garbage receptacles are necessary in a home, as are toilets because they act to remove the waste thus keeping the home clean.  The participants in the conference call, led by Terah Collins, the creator of the Western School of Feng Shui, agreed that the key for garbage receptacles was:  Functionality, Efficiency and Cleanliness.

Tips for placement of garbage receptacles:
1) Place them where they will be used most efficiently for removing waste.
2) Place enhancements around them based on the Bagua Area where they reside.
3) Most importantly, keep them clean and orderly at all times.

 As in everything else in your home, they will either nourish your energy or drain it.

                               Trash Receptacles Nourishing Energy - Enclosed and Clean

Trash Receptacles Draining Your Energy - Overfilled and Messy

Let your garbage be a useful tool in your home.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Fireplaces and Feng Shui

With all the recent winter rain and snow many have turned to the warmth of their fireplaces for relaxation, comfort and coziness.

Those lucky enough to have a fireplace in their house, also enjoy the Feng Shui benefits of the  powerful symbol of the Fire Element.  Fireplaces can be strong enhancements particularly in any of the three fire element areas to the back of the house: Wealth and Prosperity, Fame, and Love and Relationship.

To avoid having an overabundance of fire, I always recommend balancing it by adding representation of the Water Element close by; for example, placing a mirror above the fireplace, or art representing water such as  oceans, lakes, streams, or black, crystal or glass items.

These pictures display round mirrors representing the shape of the Metal Element which helps to hold water, even further balancing the elements.

Avoid hanging a large red picture over a fireplace, or have vases of dried flowers close by; too much of the Wood Element feeding the fire. As you can see in this Western School of Feng Shui slide. The room in uncomfortably "hot."

Keep fireplaces clean and attractive when not in use; consider placing a flower display or large decorative fan in front. When fireplaces are not used for flowers they can be turned into decorative spaces for candle arrangements, statues or flowers.

However you use your fireplace, enjoy the energizing benefits of the Fire Element!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Everyday Feng Shui

"Everyday Feng Shui" is the name of my newspaper column which I  began writing in June of 2011.These informative, practical columns have been published monthly in two local papers: The Benicia Herald, and The Martinez News Gazette, and quarterly in the Community Focus, serving the Walnut Creek, Lafayette and Pleasant Hill areas. All in all 68 columns have been written so far on numerous topics all pertaining to learning about the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, and the positive changes it can create in your life.

You can enjoy all 68 columns dealing with each Bagua area, each room of your house, your garden, selling and buying, problem areas and  their corrections and Lunar New Years.


These are all also posted on my website with an easy to locate Table of Contents.

Click on the link and read a few pertaining to your life - then treat yourself to the enjoyment of  Feng Shui!