Thursday, January 27, 2022

Using Feng Shui to Help Cultivate Friendships

These past few years, dealing with the isolation due to the Covid outbreak, made me very aware of the importance of friendships on one’s life. The calls, the Zoom sessions, cards, and careful gatherings have been so important. I feel blessed with friends.  I’ve spent this time keeping up with friends in various ways, and also enhancing the Health, Friend and Family area of my home.

In Feng Shui, the energy in your home can help you achieve your health and relationship goals. In the Feng Shui Bagua , represented  as a grid of nine sectors The Health/ Family/Friends area is in the middle left side of your home and is particularly associated with “strength.” The idea is that it is important to cultivate strong physical health, and loving friend and family relationships to act as supportive foundations through the periodic “shocks” and unforeseen “storms” of life. This solid foundation also provides the springboard for expansion, growth, and happiness. The healthier we are, the more options we have to enjoy life. Likewise, the healthier our relationships are with friends and family, the more we prosper from the opportunities and emotional support they provide. 

Outer Feng Shui

You can locate the area in your home, then declutter and ad a few of the following examples to help you improve your relationship with friends and family.

The element for the Health/Family/Friends area is Wood, and the colors are blues and greens, and florals.

Examples of Enhancements for the Health/Family/Friends area inside your home or business:

* Fresh cut flowers or flowering plants in all colors

* Posters, paintings, framed photos of, family and friends, figures of ideal body images in a healthy state (such as people exercising or being active), healthy plants and flowers, gardens, and landscapes. 

(A gallery of family and friend pictures is especially beneficial here.)

* Items in the colors of blues, greens

* All floral prints, such as floral linens, upholstery, and wallpaper

* All things made from wood, including furniture and decorations

*Quotes, and affirmations, pertaining to ideal health, family and friendships


Enhancements for enhancing the Health/Family/Friends area outside your home or business:

* This area is best enhanced outside with beautiful lush, flowering healthy plants. 

* If you have a window in this area, enhance the view with flowers as much as possible.

Inner Feng Shui

Feng Shui can be external and internal. I recently read an article by life coach Leah Neas, who speaks to the importance of “Cultivating friendships as you would cultivate a garden.”


 She lists ten habits to live by when mindfully cultivating friendships:

1) Be loyal

2) Cultivate trust – earn your trust through your actions

3) Be vulnerable – ask for help and support

4) Be curious and appreciate your friend’s individuality – give your friends space to be themselves

5) Allow your friends to be angry, hurt, sad or scared – Be there for them

6) Be honest but kind

7) Experience the world – stretch yourself so you have more to offer

8) Laugh – the best time with friends is when you can laugh to tears

9) State your needs – be open about who you are

10) Be generous and grateful – Give of your time or small gifts to show how much you care


These are great words to live by. I’m grateful for my friends in every way.  Enjoy your special times  with your friends in any way that you can. 


Thursday, January 6, 2022

A Feng Feng Shui Garden's Beautiful Transformation


For years my husband and I walked past a sad little house, with an overgrown and unkempt garden. The entry could hardly be seen past the tangled forest of bamboo, cactus and dying plants. We often wondered what would happen to this house….and then… a Feng Shui miracle.



It was sold and purchased by a master gardener and her husband, who spent months transforming the sad mess into a flowering gem. All the bamboo and other plants were torn out, the house got a new roof, windows, interior and exterior paint. Best of all the gardener used Feng Shui principles of open spaces, high and low plants and curved lines. The entrance was now clearly visible and welcoming to the nourishing Ch’i. 


In this hectic world, I have learned the importance of having a space that is calm and healing – your garden can be just that space. The recent rains, with following sunshine have blessed this new garden with lush, shiny leaves and a multitude of buds. Shortly it will be turned into a land of beautiful flowers, intoxicating fragrance and an explosion of color.

 It’s important to have an outlet where the brain can breathe, and your garden can be this natural outlet. After a long day at work or just taking a break from your home routines, a walk through our garden can relax you and help you defuse any stress you may have been dealing with.

In a garden, all the 5 Feng Shui elements are usually represented, allowing you to feel calm and at the same time energized. This is because gardens are living, breathing entities offering us the balance of nature. As your home, gardens reflect your personal energy; they can either serve to deplete your energy, or they can enhance and energize you. 

What aspects of your life would you like to see blossom? What dreams do you need to plant in fertile soil? Do you need to weed or dig out anything that's stifling your growth?

 When applicable, use gardens and landscaping to complete the shape of your home. If your home is not a complete square or rectangle anchor the missing areas with a pleasing combination of trees, flowerbeds, garden sculptures, large rocks, decks, patios, fencing, lighting, specialty gardens and/or water features. There is no end to what you can do and the missing area becomes an enhancing outdoor area. Make sure you have an attractive view from every window and door. Be nourished by a lovely view each time you look out; camouflage or screen unsightly views with trees, trellises with climbing vines, and hanging gardens. An inspirational place to rest the eye is a gift you give yourself every day. Basic Feng Shui principles can help you nurture and strengthen your energy and yourself in all aspects of your life. 


       This home's missing area was anchored by the circle of stones with a heart in the center.

Here are some Feng Shui basics for nurturing gardens:

1) Make the entry beautiful and clutter free.

2) Place water features in the Career and Wealth areas. 

3) Remove dead plants quickly.

4) Balance the Yin/Yang of your garden with opposites (short/tall plants, hot/soft colors, etc.)

5) Whenever possible use curved pathways, allowing the Ch’i to meander and enjoy the beauty. 


6) Keep all systems working (i.e., watering, lighting – nothing should be broken) 

A garden's transformation can definitely transform your life!