Thursday, March 25, 2021

Decorating Life with Inner Feng Shui

Due to the pandemic, I have not been able to attend my weekly Flower Arranging classes, which I absolutely loved. The energy of flowers, and the community of women creating amazing arrangements, as well as the hypnotic scent as you entered the room helped me, as Madisyn Taylor states in her Daily Om columns, “to decorate my life.” I continue to make floral arrangements at home to help me stimulate my creative juices.

In Feng Shui we focus on creating serene environments, which are harmonious and balanced. These environments become filled with life force energy, which helps us achieve our life goals.  While decorating our homes, Madisyn also encourages us to decorate ourselves, by expanding our personal energies. The quarantine has been a time for self-reflection and a time for rediscovering how best to “decorate our lives.” Some of you might have chosen to write books, paint, knit, quilt, make masks, cook, redecorate, declutter, play a musical instrument, meditate, read, and garden, to name but a few. All helped expand your energy.

How do you decorate your life? 

My husband expanded his music talent by taking Zoom trumpet lessons. I choose to write, but also love to garden. At this moment, my garden is close to full bloom, and I cannot begin to tell you the love I feel as I step out to walk among the flowers, or just gaze at them from a window. 

Flowers are the quintessential Ch’i enhancers for our homes. They provide us with the beauty and wonder of nature and help us stay connected and grounded to the natural world. 

Explore what makes you happy, and the statement you make through this expanded energy. Choose to decorate your life. Remember - You are special! 

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Feng Shui Kitchens in the Love and Relationships Area

In the Feng Shui Bagua Map, represented as a grid of nine sectors, the Love and Relationships area is located in the right back corner of your home. This is a great location for a master bedroom.


 Yet not every home has the bedroom in that location. Whichever room this area resides, basic Feng Shui principles can help you nurture and strengthen yourself and your relationships, and even send out the energy to help you find your perfect soul mate. 

Of the 5 Feng Shui Elements this area is represented by Fire, and recommended enhancements are:

*The colors are red, pink or white 

* Photos, paintings, collages or figures depicting your significant other

* Pairs of items (lovers, doves, hearts, candles, vases, figurines etc.)

* Art with a romantic theme 

* Quotes, affirmations and sayings pertaining to love and marriage

* Items that have a personal association to love and marriage (romantic vacations/honeymoon mementos)

What if it's your kitchen?

In our house this area happens to be our kitchen. So, when we remodeled, I ensured that the Fire element was well represented, and that romantic representations were evident.

Red Italian glass tile backsplash, red tone blown glass hanging lights, red dish towels, pairs of items on display, such as two red hearts, two glass lovebirds, even  a red toaster and blender placed side by side.

I added small pictures of my husband and I, a whimsical picture of a couple dancing holding wine glasses, and a painted seashell we bought on a romantic trip.

While being utilitarian, the kitchen feels romantic and makes us both happy! Enjoy adding these enhancements in whichever room your Love and Relationships Area is located, and watch your love grow.