Wednesday, March 11, 2020

In Feng Shui it's Important to Remove and Replenish

Two key words in Feng Shui are “remove” and “replenish”.

First take time to remove any items from your home that clutter your and a stress to your life. For instance, remove from your bedroom all books, equipment, projects and materials that relate to other areas of your life. If you keep objects and equipment that remind you of work or other areas of your life in your bedroom, they can distract you from your intention of enjoying a fulfilling love relationship and relaxing in a nurturing calming environment. Move them to other more appropriate locations in your home. Take time to also remove piles and objects in the rest of your home that you no longer need. Create a decluttered, peaceful environment which nurtures you.

Next surround yourself with items, people and/or activities which you relish will help replenish you. Flowers, for instance, are a fantastic vehicle to self care. They represent life, love, beauty, joy, possibility, abundance and transformation. In Feng Shui they represent good health and are particularly enhancing in the Health, Friends and Family area (middle left) of your home.

During these stressful social times, when you feel life is out of your control, removing clutter to free yourself from stress and surrounding yourself with experiences you relish, will keep your spirits up, sustain you, and replenish you.

Free yourself from clutter, surround yourself with beauty and feel a shift in how you view life.