Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Fireplaces and Feng Shui

With all the recent winter rain and snow many have turned to the warmth of their fireplaces for relaxation, comfort and coziness.

Those lucky enough to have a fireplace in their house, also enjoy the Feng Shui benefits of the  powerful symbol of the Fire Element.  Fireplaces can be strong enhancements particularly in any of the three fire element areas to the back of the house: Wealth and Prosperity, Fame, and Love and Relationship.

To avoid having an overabundance of fire, I always recommend balancing it by adding representation of the Water Element close by; for example, placing a mirror above the fireplace, or art representing water such as  oceans, lakes, streams, or black, crystal or glass items.

These pictures display round mirrors representing the shape of the Metal Element which helps to hold water, even further balancing the elements.

Avoid hanging a large red picture over a fireplace, or have vases of dried flowers close by; too much of the Wood Element feeding the fire. As you can see in this Western School of Feng Shui slide. The room in uncomfortably "hot."

Keep fireplaces clean and attractive when not in use; consider placing a flower display or large decorative fan in front. When fireplaces are not used for flowers they can be turned into decorative spaces for candle arrangements, statues or flowers.

However you use your fireplace, enjoy the energizing benefits of the Fire Element!

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