Thursday, March 1, 2012

Most Important Rooms in Feng Shui

The two most important rooms in your home are the master bedroom, which you can read about in previous blogs, and the front entrance.  The area leading up to your front door, as well as immediately inside and outside make up this very important area. This is a place of first impressions, of welcoming your guests and the entrance of "Chi" (positive energy) into your home.  As in your bedroom, make this the most fabulous area ever.

Outdoors: Install a water feature near your front entrance to symbolize your desire to have prosperity flow in (ensure that the water is directed toward your home).  Make the landscaping around your entrance especially lush and inviting.  If possible create a curved, meandering path to the front door, and place interesting garden art and a seating area embellished with beautiful flowers.

In Feng Shui, the color red is often associated with prosperity. Many people paint their front doors a shade of red,  or place red flowers as greeters on each side of the door. Have fun with it, and enjoy the benefits of positive energy flowing in.

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