Friday, November 15, 2013

Feng Shui Water Features

Water features invigorate Chi flow. Chi is the positive life energy flowing through your environment. There are many indoor and outdoor varieties in nurseries, department stores,  catalogues and on line. The two most auspicious areas of your home for water features are your Career Area and the Wealth and Prosperity Area.

The Career Area is located in the front center of your home, where many have their front entrance. This is where career opportunities flow in. The Wealth and Prosperity Area is in the back left corner, and again this is where you want a flow of prosperity. 
This garden fountain further enhances the wealth area with its beautiful purple color.

 I have this 360 degree bubbler by my front steps, greeting guests and welcoming the Chi. 

I then have a small fountain just inside of the front door in the entrance foyer, which is in my Career Area.

Whether inside or outside, place directional water features so that the water "points" toward the house or into the room. 360 degree bubbling fountains work very well at bringing energy to the home. Still water features such as birdbaths also enhance the Chi but must be kept clean at all times.

Aquariums are very powerful Chi enhancers because they act as "5 element displays," bringing the energy of all 5 elements: plants (wood), fish (fire), sand (earth), rocks (metal) and of course water. Make sure these are well functioning and clean so that they enhance and don't drain energy.

Pools, jacuzzis and hot tubs are considered water features and must be kept clean and in good repair. Enhance these with good lighting, flowers and comfortable seating.

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