Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gratitude and its Positive Effects on Feng Shui

 Cherish Your Journey!

Feng Shui is all about the journey, positive affirmations and expressing gratitude.

“Gratitude is important to happiness. Studies show that consistently grateful people are happier and more satisfied with their lives; they even feel more physically healthy and spend more time exercising. Gratitude makes it easier to live within your means, brings freedom from envy and connects you to the natural world.” Gretchen Rubin

In her book, “The Happiness Project” Ms. Rubin gives gratitude such importance that she keeps a daily Gratitude Notebook, each day writing what she is grateful for. This has made her aware of her many blessings.

UC Davis professor Robert Emmons studied the effect the effects of gratitude on physical health, physiological well being, and on our relationship with others.  In his studies he also advocated for a Gratitude Journal.  In studies of thousands of people from ages 8-80 he found that people who practice gratitude consistently report the following benefits:

•    Stronger immune systems
•    Less bothered by aches and pains
•    Lower blood pressure
•    Exercise more and take better care of themselves
•    Sleep longer and feel more refreshed upon waking
•    Higher level of positive emotions
•    More alert, alive and awake
•    More joy and pleasure
•    More optimism and happiness
•    More helpful, generous, and compassionate
•    More forgiving
•    More outgoing
•    Feel  less lonely and isolated

I feel grateful for my family and readers who are on this lovely journey with me!

The  dragonfly plaque was given to me by a dear friend and is used to enhance the  Children and Creativity area in our home. It is a constant reminder of gratefulness for the journey with my loved ones!

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