Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Yearn for Sunlight for Speedier Recoveries

The importance of natural light (sunlight) in Feng Shui can’t me minimized. The power of the sun creates a healthful, healing energy. In 1860, Florence Nightingale said that “darkened rooms were harmful and sunlit rooms healthful.” She developed a modern theory about the environment that is in use to this day which addressed not only the benefits of direct sunlight, but clean air, cleanliness, and pure water as well. Eventually her theories were called the Nightingale Canons.

In her book Healing Spaces, Esther Sternberg pointed out that in the past hospitals were built with large windows and skylights. Solariums were part of the institutions where patients could sit and get direct sunlight, intended to help patients heal.  In Feng Shui sunlight certainly makes a difference in recovery but add to that a beautiful view and fresh flowers and the healing increases even more. In modern hospitals the fluorescent lights and darkness do not support healing. 

A beautiful environment of sunlight and flowers can also help the dying through their passage. When my mother was in a hospital hospice room I noticed that they kept the shades drawn and a dirty clothes hamper was situated in the health area. Using my Feng Shui knowledge, I moved the hamper and loaded the area with all the fresh flowers she had been given. I opened the shades to let in the sun. The change in the environment became palpable. She had been hanging on for a number of days, and soon after relaxed and passed peacefully. The channels were opened. 

If you or a loved one is in a healthcare facility, or recuperating at home, consider these environmental options:
Positioning the bed facing a window viewing a garden area.

If possible, find a way for the patient to walk out to the garden; further extending their 
        experience in the sun.
Create a solarium for patients and visitors. 
Add skylights and/or solar tubes in hallways, rooms or waiting areas.
If none are available at least bring in healthy flowers to the room.


All of the above would provide patients with greater access to healing sunlight and healthful energy.
Give yourself or ailing family members some moments of enjoyment in the sun while recovering. It is guaranteed to improve the Ch’i and could very well help speed up recovery.

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