Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Feng Shui Angles and Corners

One of the three focuses of Feng Shui is Safety and Comfort. Therefore, poor designs such as protruding angles and corners are considered dangerous. They are known to produce “cutting Ch’i, or poison arrow energy"   which can make people irritable, uncomfortable and feel unsafe. The Feng Shui Ch’i (vital life force energy) needs to circulate freely throughout your house and not get stuck in angular corners.

If you do have an angular home there are a number of easy fixes to help you achieve comfort, peace and harmony:

1) Choose architectural designs and furniture with rounded corners and more organic lines

2) If existing furniture has sharp corners, merely drape fabric or a vining plant over the
        corners to soften them, or turn the furniture at a diagonal to minimize the corner’s effect

3) Balance the protruding angles with the softening influence of plants, screens, textiles
        and  lighting                


4) Fill in room corners with items to soften and round them such as plants, lamps, screens
        baskets  etc…

Filling and softening sharp corners in your home will work to soften the sharp edges and dark corners in your life and within you as well. No more feeling edgy…go with the flow instead.

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