Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mirrors - The "Aspirin" of Feng Shui

In Feng Shui mirrors have a myriad of uses, and are therefore called the “aspirin” of Feng Shui. They are used to cure many  architectural challenges; activating, expanding and circulating the Ch'i throughout interior spaces. When properly chosen and installed, they can visually enlarge small rooms, double beautiful views, make walls disappear, send energy back in uncomfortable situations and keep the energy flowing in the house.

Mirrors represent the Water Element which is related to the Career area of the Bagua. When they are places in the front center area of your home or business they help the career energy flow.

In this Career  entrance even the wall hangings represent a flow of water.

They are wonderful for opening up small spaces that would otherwise feel confining. Hung directly across from hall doors, they make the wall disappear and give the impression of more space. Mirrors hung across from windows will increase light, as well as the perceived size of small foyers, dens and home offices. If a Bagua area in missing a mirror on the adjacent wall will push the wall back and fill in the area. Also mirrors can be used to reflect what’s behind you when your back is to the door – when you’re sitting at your computer for example.

This mirror helps to open up this small foyer and the water element it represents feeds the wood element of the Bagua area

Beware though that mirrors make rooms active. They are great for lively rooms such as living rooms, family rooms, offices, bathrooms and kitchens – in fact, the bigger the better, but they are not meant for relaxation rooms such as bedrooms. The rule for bedrooms is one or fewer.  Many bedrooms have large wall to wall mirror closet doors that can impede restful sleep. If this is the case, you can screen, curtain, or remove them altogether. Mirrors are also not recommended for dining rooms because they activate the peaceful dining experience; better a beautiful piece of artwork representing the Bagua area.

When hanging mirrors, ensure that the people using them are not cut off in any way, and avoid fragmented mirrors as they create confusing energy.

In Feng Shui mirrors are also used to push the energy back from where it came. Of you have an unsightly view of power lines, a neighbor’s yard or negative energy from an impossible neighbor; you can hang a small mirror that faces in that direction. It can be places on a fence, a door, window or tree and can be hidden by bushes so that it’s not readily visible. Hang it in the spirit of goodwill, with the intention that the energy will shift and create good Chi. 

Mirrors are your friends - let them help you achieve harmony in your life!

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