Friday, January 26, 2018

Find Rest Through Feng Shui

The purpose of Feng Shui is to bring peace, harmony and a sense of serenity and restfulness to your home and your life. The serenity you create in your home has a great deal of influence on your outlook.

There are two areas in your home that lend themselves nicely to serenity, peace and rest:

1) The Knowledge and Self Cultivation Area:
This area located in the left front section of your home or business is particularly related to “Stillness.”  In the Feng Shui Bagua the Knowledge trigram is called “Still Mountain,” and operates under the premise that we assimilate knowledge best when we also cultivate a peaceful mind by practicing some form of regular “keeping still.” This can be accomplished through meditation, contemplation, and introspection.  Knowledge is viewed as the seed of wisdom, therefore when we spend time resting, our field of knowledge will be lush and productive. This teaching reminds us that to be brilliant, creative, and productive, we must also embrace stillness. 

Whatever room your Knowledge and Self Cultivation area resides, applying some basic Feng Shui principles can help you create a peaceful sanctuary.

The element for the Knowledge area is Wood, and the colors are blues and greens, therefore representations of this element can be used inside and outside of your home or business.

Enhancements for energizing Knowledge and Self Cultivation inside your home or business:
* Keep this area clutter free, since clutter does not act to soothe the mind.
* Items in the colors of blues, greens
* Items in the shape of columns or stripes
* Art representing mountains, woods, or anything that depicts a quiet outdoor space or 
   meditation gardens, pictures or collages of figures such as teachers and wise people in your
   life in meditation, contemplation or repose
* Wooden tables or bookcases holding books, tapes or material being studied
* Healthy plants with rounded soft leaves

This beautiful sun room is located in the knowledge and Self Cultivation of this home. Its color scheme of soft blues/greens, wicker furniture, floral carper and pillows and view of lush plants make this a serene oasis for reading and quiet introspection.

2) The Master Bedroom
One of the most important rooms in Feng Shui is the Master Bedroom.  Therefore what you do with your master bedroom has far reaching implications to your well being, serenity, harmony, rest and relationships.  The bedroom should be a haven of intimacy and solace.  It should be a place to unwind, shed the stress of the day, and rejuvenate the body and mind; a place for romance, and to deepen the bond of your relationship.

Your environment can nourish or weaken your intimacy. The more intimate bedrooms tend to be cozy and Yin.  The best bedroom colors are found in the warm skin tones of all races of people: from light beige and tans, creamy cocoas, blushing pinks and peaches, subtle yellows, earthy reds, copper, gold, bronze among others. The colors that are too cool and do not work in bedrooms are pure white, grey, black, blues, and greens. They may look beautiful in designer showrooms, but when they dominate they create a chilly room versus a sensual one. In the Master Bedroom the art and pictures should represent the qualities of the Love and Marriage area of the Bagua: pairs of items such as figurines and candles, pictures and art reflecting couples and romantic representations, pictures of you and your significant other.  It is not recommended to put photographs of your children and family in your master bedrooms. The bedroom is a romantic oasis, not a place to display photos of mom, dad or the kids.  It is also not a place for electronics, a work desk or exercise equipment which activate the room and keep you from totally resting. 

A very peaceful bedroom in warm earth tones and a nourishing view. 

Enjoy the peace, serenity and restfulness that these two areas bring to your home and consequently your life. If your life is chaotic begin your decluttering here.

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