Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Feng Shui Room with a View

When I ask my students and clients what area of their home they love the most and why, their general response is a room with a lot of light and a view. Why this response? Because nature nourishes us! 

During this time of being sheltered in place to stay safe many are turning to gardens. These can be spacious, lush outside areas or small balconies with a collection of colorful plants. They nourish us with their peacefulness,  and research has shown that having fresh flowers in your home, or being able to look at flowers outside, can actually reduce levels of pain and stress.  A study performed by the American Horticulture Society found that people exposed to flowers had lower blood pressure and heart rate and lower ratings of pain and anxiety. This is why enhancing your home, patio and/or garden with healthy flowers is so beneficial during dark periods of your life.     

Having a room with a view of a calming garden scene will help you create a peaceful retreat and evoke feelings of calm. Add calming sounds, like a trickle of water from a fountain or the soft gong of a wind chime to help set a more serene scene. Design a spot for reading and relaxing by adding a comfortable bench. Welcome bees, butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden by planting wildflowers or various pollinator plants creating beauty as well as helping the environment.

There is so much joy from being able to stroll through your garden or just enjoy it through your room with a view.

Stay centered and safe. Flowers can help!   

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