Thursday, July 23, 2020

Staying Zen Through Chaos with Feng Shui

Staying home for over four months though this Pandemic with no end in sight can be very stressful. But there are opportunities to use Feng Shui principles to help you stay focused, creative and calm. Here are seven easy ideas to help you through these difficult times. 

  1. First of all Feng Shui is all about keeping a calm house and calm mind. Take this time to declutter and enhance your home. Work on cleaning out piles, closets, garages. Take on projects you’ve been postponing like painting rooms, redecorating and adding beauty to your home. We call this “moving the Ch’i”.

  2.  Calm your mind and body through meditation, yoga, walking, bike riding, etc.. Stay safe while breathing in calm and release yourself from negative thoughts.

  3.  Express your creativity. Many of my friends are using this opportunity to paint, play a musical instrument, write, garden, bake, sew, learn a new language, read and work on crafts and  projects to name a few. A creative mind is a healthy positive mind.

  4.  Keep as much of a daily routine as possible.  Routine helps our brains and bodies focus on what we can control.

  5.  Stay socially connected through phone calls, emails, texts, and video chats. Social distancing is not social isolation. Humans need contact with others. Share your positive attitude with others, especially the elderly and lonely. 

  6.  Limit your news watching and negative social media. Stay informed but don’t let the negativity and fear consume your life.

  7.  Begin your day by expressing gratitude. Work on your inner Feng Shui by writing three things or people you are grateful for and express those thoughts. This will increase your physical and mental health. You have a lot to be grateful for.
My meditation mantra is, "I let go of fear, insecurity and judgement. I breathe in peace, love, calm. I am blessed."

Stay safe, calm and healthy While letting Feng Shui principles guide you. Blessings!

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