Thursday, May 20, 2021

Applying Feng Shui One Step at a Time

People often ask, “What is Feng Shui really?” and “How can I do it?” Being pragmatic and linear, my response is to offer recommendations in sequential steps to the students and clients I work with.  Following these simple steps, you too can begin your journey toward peace, harmony, and the achievement of your goals. 

Feng Shui is NOT a mystery. Feng Shui practitioner, James Jay, put it very concisely: “Feng Shui is a support system for our lives. It’s an ancient Chinese art and science that allows us to create harmony and balance within any environment. When we create that harmony and balance it lends support to our lives. When our lives have support through our environment it’s much easier to achieve the things we want in life such as wellbeing, abundance, love and happiness.”

Whether you realize it or not, your home environment is constantly either supporting or draining your life energy. Making a few simple changes within your home can have an immediate and powerful effect on your personal energy levels, as well as the physical and material aspects of your life. I call it empowerment through environment! Harmony is created through balancing, enhancing, and decluttering one’s space, so you can surround yourself with what you love. 

To correctly tap into this support system, you need one of Feng Shui’s most powerful tools – the Bagua, the treasure map helping you locate the nine important areas of your home related to your life. 


Over the years I have found that some of my clients are overwhelmed, and don’t know where to begin, therefore being a believer of doing a little at a time, I have developed an easy system for embracing the Feng Shui enhancements in manageable portions. Take it step by step and begin enjoying the benefits of Feng Shui and lead you to achieving your life goals.

I recommend the following steps to my clients:

1) Map out your home using the Bagua. 

2) Do a self-evaluation of your greatest needs (more love, health, prosperity, career etc.).

3) Locate that area of the Bagua in your home.

4) Clean and declutter that area.

5) Enhance the Bagua area using the recommendations in this chapter.

6) Anchor if the area is missing.

7) State or write your affirmations and begin reaping the rewards.

8) Balance the Feng Shui elements.

Take it one step, one area at a time and begin reaping the life changing benefits of Feng Shui!

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