Thursday, October 21, 2021

Talking to Your House Enhances Your Feng Shui

Recently my Feng Shui teacher Karen Carrasco posted this useful Feng Shui suggestion, stating the importance of loving your house and treating it with respect and love.  This is so useful since the three Feng Shui principles are that 1) Everything is alive, 2) Everything is Connected, 3) Everything is constantly changing.

“Talk to Your House

Your house is a sentient being with its own spirit and soul. 

Some people identify this spirit as their houseful deities or friendly house spirits.

But some people have altogether forgotten how important the spirit of their house is.

Talk to your house.

Houses that have been ignored tend to be dull, tired, and susceptible to negative energies.

So, talk to your house, listen to its aches and pains, and say hello.

Tell it that you come in peace, tell it that you are there to listen and speak. Be grateful to your house, clean it, beautify it, enhance it, and watch the energies in your home transform themselves into joy.”


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