Thursday, December 15, 2022

Nearing the Holidays? How Feng Shui Decorations Add Fame and Fire to Your Life

The holiday season is upon us. This is a time when families gather together to celebrate traditions passed down from generation to generation. It’s also a time of decorating, which helps to enhance your home and your life.  

Holiday decorations usually include the colors green, red, blue, white, gold and lots of  bright lighting. Whether you decorate with a Menorah or Christmas Tree, the objects you bring in to your home for the holidays will represent the energy of the Fire Element. Menorahs add fire to any room.  Christmas Trees represent growth; and the conical shape of the tree and all the lights encircling it also represent the fire element.   All decorations of bright colors, lights, garlands, and traditional objects make the home’s energy flow easily and create a joyful environment for family gatherings. 


As you decorate, think about using the Feng Shui Bagua to help guide you in placement. The most auspicious of the Fire Element areas of your home is the Fame Area.

One of the Feng Shui principles is that everything is connected, so if you ask yourself, “Can adding the fire of holiday decorations to my home really affect my fame and reputation?”  – The answer is ABSOLUTELY.


In the Feng Shui Bagua, represented as a grid of nine sectors, the Fame and Reputation area is located in the center back  of your home. The Bagua comes from the Chinese philosophy, “The I Ching,” and literally means “eight trigrams,” with the center for grounding. The Fame and Reputation area of your home or business is about cultivating a good reputation and helping friendly relations spring up all around us, creating the best chances for a happy and secure future. How wonderful that the holiday decorations you add to your home can in fact set you up for a positive New Year. 


The element for this area is Fire, and the color is anything in the red spectrum. Red is one of the most powerful colors in the Chinese culture. It represents fame, fortune, joy, festivity, longevity, and protection from bad luck. Representations of this element can be used inside and outside of your home or business. 


Enhancements for the Fame and Reputation area inside your home or business:

Christmas trees, Menorahs which represent cone, triangular shapes, and pleasant lighting, 

Personal images and symbols of fame; diplomas, awards, trophies, and acknowledgements

Things made from animals, such as leather, feathers, wool and/or bone

Art and figures of animals, people, fire, sunshine 

Items in the red spectrum

Affirmations and sayings pertaining to Fame and Reputation and aspirations for the New Year


Enhancements for the Fame and Reputation area outside your home or business:

Items that represent the sun, fire, stars 

Holiday lights, up lighting around trees, twinkle lights

Fire pits and BBQ grills 

Items, flowers, plants in the red color spectrum


Fire Elements:

The Fire element is represented by the hearth and when in balance enhances excitement, enthusiasm, leadership. In the Feng Shui Cycle of the elements the Wood Element feeds Fire, therefore adding representations of Wood, such as Christmas trees would feed the fire of your dreams, enhancing your opportunities and achievements.  


Sometimes your holiday decorations don’t fit exactly in the Fame sector of your home (center back), or the Fame area of your living room or den. If that’s the case any of the other Fire sectors also work nicely; Wealth and Prosperity or Love and Marriage.  Christmas trees also work well in Knowledge, Family and Health, but because of all the colors, lights, garland and ornaments can represent all of the elements and act as five element displays wherever placed. This is a win – win! Menorahs representing fire enhance any of the three fire areas, but like the Christmas tree, depending on the colors and what it is made of they can also hold all of the elements. You really can’t go wrong with holiday decorations; no matter where you place them you are activating the Ch’i (life force energy) and positive energy will come your way. 


Important Feng Shui Tip 

Clear the clutter from the room before you begin decorating, and keep it clutter free. This will help your calm, holiday energy flow and prevent your holiday communications from being “messy.”


I wish you a holiday filled with family, friends, harmony, happiness, excitement, and enthusiasm.  May your fame and reputation thrive!


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