Thursday, May 18, 2023

Synchronicity can be Just a Feng Shui Enhancement Away

Have you ever experienced that helpless feeling when everything seems to be going wrong? 

Have you experienced people not returning your calls, estimates coming in higher than expected, things breaking down or getting lost?  These are examples of your synchronicity being off.  Can Feng Shui help solve problems? Absolutely! Look at the Helpful People Area of your house and with a few easy enhancements begin turning your energy around.

Here’s a perfect example of missing synchronicity:

A client bought a new home and was thrilled because it was almost rectangular with the Wealth and Love Areas intact.  She noticed that it was missing the Helpful People/Travel areas but at the time did not think much about it, being swept away by location, price, and cuteness. Soon after it closed escrow everything started going wrong. Contractors weren’t showing up, costs were more than expected, more things were breaking down; problems also began occurring in other aspects of her life as well, including her job, health insurance, child’s daycare etc. She felt like she couldn’t catch a break! Sound familiar? 

How Feng Shui helped:

Having studied Feng Shui she turned to it for help. She knew she had to anchor the area from both inside and out. Outside she anchored it with a large white flowering plant in a round white pot and replaced a small dead tree with a beautiful blooming one surrounded by flowers. Inside she hung a round mirror and round faceted crystal to push the wall back, as well as a picture of a grey and white mountain. Within a month she was able to move in, renovate a rental unit for close to her budget, find a perfect renter and soon after was offered a lucrative new job: Coincidence or solution?

A year later, surrounded by positive energy, she was able to purchase an even larger home for her family, and is once again putting her Feng Shui knowledge to work. Your environment definitely affects your life. 

Yes, Feng Shui can help you solve problems.

Using the Feng Shui Bagua you can identify your Helpful People Area, and begin to access the energy for solutions to your problems: Attract mentors, clients, customers, vendors, employees or other helpful people in your life and/or create seamless moves to a new home or work location. The Feng Shui Bagua , from the Chinese philosophy, “The I Ching,” meaning “eight trigrams” is represented as a grid of eight sectors, with the Center being the Grounding Force. In Feng Shui the Helpful People area of your home or business is associated with synchronicity. When everything is aligned, people and places give us the inspiration and guidance we need. 

The Helpful People and Travel area is located in the front right corner of your home or business. It is governed by the Metal Element which is represented by any metal or metal paint, the colors white or grey, natural stones and circular shapes. This is why in the earlier example the person used a white blooming plant, white circular pot, a round mirror and a picture of a mountain with grey matting. 

Enhancements for the Helpful People and Travel area inside your home or business:    

Art, photos, or figures pertaining to spiritual guides, and/or mentors or helpful people  

Items in colors of white, black or grey

Things made of any type of metal                                                                                                        

Natural stones or representation of natural stones such as pictures of mountains                                

Special places where you have traveled or want to travel                                                                    

Quotes, affirmations and sayings pertaining to Helpful People and Travel

Enhancements for the Helpful People and Travel area outside your home or business:

Garden art reflecting spiritual guides (angels, Buddha, saints).

Metal items, rocks, and stones, circular or oval shapes

Items, and flowers in the color white  

A flag with a white background if Helpful People is your entrance


A Missing Helpful People and Travel area:

If your Helpful People and Travel area is missing from your floor plan, you can anchor the area by doing one or a combination of the following cures:  Anchor the missing area structurally using the metal element wherever possible, such as building a trellis or deck, planting flowers in a flower garden or planter boxes in white, adding a large stone statue of a spiritual guide or placing a large rock on the corner, or a metal seating area. (This could be a beautiful meditation area).  If the area outside is not accessible, you can symbolically anchor from the inside, and push the walls back,  by hanging a 30 mm round faceted crystal, placing a mirror, and/or a picture representing helpful people or travel  on the inside wall by the missing area. 



In Feng Shui, intent plays a significant role in enhancing any area of your home or business. Enhancements need to be made with intentionality; written or stated affirmations are very important, as is for them to be expressed as if they have already happened.  Examples or affirmations for the Helpful People and Travel area: “I have a team of people who support me.” “Contractors are efficient, and work is completed efficiently under estimate.” 

Feng Shui CAN be the solution to some of your problems, and the Helpful People corner is a great place to begin. 


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