Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Feng Shui Teaches How Clutter Can Affect Your Health


If you, or a family member, is having health issues, see a doctor and follow what’s prescribed, but also look at your home, to see if your environment is contributing to your illness.

Feng Shui, which has been practiced for over 3,000 years in China, is the enhancement of health, prosperity, and happiness. The belief is that that your vitality, resources, and loving connections flourish and grow best in harmonious, uncluttered environments.

On the other hand, clutter is a typical daily issue, often leading to feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and disorganized. Whether it's a messy desk, a cluttered closet, or a chaotic living space, clutter can significantly impact your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Clutter makes it difficult to focus and stay productive. It also contributes to anxiety, depression, and dissatisfaction with your surroundings, all of which contribute to health issues.

Research has shown that a cluttered environment increases negative emotions like confusion, irritability, frustration, and depression.  This can affect you mentally and physically, hindering productivity, increasing stress and anxiety levels, and lowering mood and well-being.

Clutter can also impact physical health by creating hazards and increasing the risk of accidents or falls. Additionally, clutter can make it harder to maintain good hygiene by creating an environment that is difficult to clean. And being in dusty rooms can trigger allergies or cause sickness.  

A cluttered home can also affect your sleep. A cluttered space can be overstimulating, making it difficult to relax and prepare for sleep.

Clutter is visually overwhelming and affects your ability to make decisions. It creates a distracting, disorganized, and stressful environment that can make it difficult to focus, find information, and feel in control.

There is often a correlation between excessive clutter and problems that occur in one’s life. For example, a cluttered desk or closet in the Wealth and Prosperity area can lead to feeling stuck with finances. This is especially important on the Health, Family and Friends Area. (middle left area of your home) This is a Wood Element area and responds well to the colors blue, green, vibrant plants, and anything floral. If health is an issue, ensure that this area of your home is organized first. Slowly begin decluttering and enhancing with healthy plants, vibrant floral arrangements, and art.  Look at your home with Feng Shui eyes. What are you holding on to that is keeping you feeling ill?

A clean and organized environment can improve your mood and increase calmness, happiness and most importantly your health.


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