Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Enhancing Bathrooms Through Feng Shui

“Where the eye goes, the Chi flows.” Chi is your vital life energy, and this old Feng Shui saying especially applies to all bathrooms in your home. Can you see open toilets from your entrance, your bed, or anywhere else in your home? Is this the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning? If the answer is yes, you can bet that some of your energy is being drained.

Bathrooms are classically considered potential threats in Feng Shui because more often than not they are unadorned places with open plumbing that pulls your attention, your energy – your Chi – down the drain.  The bathroom and your home’s plumbing correspond to your elimination system.  It is here that personal cleansing rituals take place and where wastes are flushed away. However Chi can also be flushed out of your home via toilets and bathroom drains. Although there are no ideal places for a bathroom to reside, some locations are worse than others. If possible avoid homes with bathrooms in the back left (wealth) or back right (love and marriage) as these can cause drains in prosperity and relationships.

At the same time bathrooms are a necessary part of your home.  Therefore it is important to minimize opportunities for Chi to flow out of your home too quickly, taking with it your prosperity, health or relationships. All is not lost!  It is easy to correct a bathroom’s pull on your energy and enhance your life

Bathrooms should take on the qualities of the Bagua area they reside in, with these important rules:

  •   Keep your bathroom clean, neat and orderly.  Make sure you dispose of shampoo and other cosmetic bottles that are almost empty or too old to use. 
  •  Close toilet lids, sink stoppers and shower curtains to conceal water outlets, or cover the drains with small rubber mats used for that purpose. 
  •   Repair leaky faucets, shower heads, and toilets to prevent waste. 
  •  Install adequate lighting for convenience and balancing the watery energy. 
  • When all else fails, at least keep the door closed. 
  •  If your bedroom leads to a bathroom without a door, make it a priority to install a door, curtain, or screen to visually separate the bathroom from the bedroom. 
  • Ideally the toilet is placed so you don’t see it from the bathroom door (located in its own “water closet” or behind a wall or screen). When this is impossible, hang a round faceted cut-glass crystal from the ceiling between the door and the toilet to help lift and circulate the Chi.
This bathroom unfortunately resides in the Wealth corner of the house, but very successful enhancements have stopped the drain on finances. As you can see it is enhanced with the color purple, lucky bamboo, a lavender hanging crystal, and a picture of  9  Koi fish representing wealth. A purple tree was planted to anchor the corner on  the outside. The drains are always kept closed when not in   use. 

While this bathroom is is the Children and Creativity area of the house and contains many pictures of 
 children, metal and whimsical objects. Guests love to be entertained by cute baby pictures while using the facility.


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