Thursday, September 18, 2014

Your Car Can Reflect Your Feng Shui

Interesting to think that our cars also have Feng Shui, and being in them for a good length of  the day, like most of us are,  can have a positive or negative effect on our energy.  I  share this  article by Feng Shui practitioner Carol Hyder in hope that you look at your car differently and use it to help enhance your life.

Car Shui: What is Your Car Saying About Your Life?   By Carole Hyder

"One of the main principles of Feng Shui is that “your space mirrors what’s happening in your life.” Most of us spend a lot of time in our cars, either commuting to and from work or selling out on the road. It would follow then that your car can have as much influence on your life as your home or office. Therefore, the state of your automobile can impact dramatically the state of your well-being and productivity.  Since cars are an important part of most everyone’s life, it’s important to see how this mobile space may be impacting your life.

Here are ways your car may be giving you an obvious metaphor for your life…
1.       Running on fumes or running on empty. We use this description when our car is low on gas and we use those same words when we’re depleted. Keeping your tank at half-full or more might help you eliminate describing yourself in such an exhausted way.
2.       Brakes are squealing. When your car decides to let you know in an audible way that your brakes need help, you need to see if you need a “break” job as well. Getting those brakes fixed might provide you a chance to have your own breaks fixed.
3.       Oil leak. As crucial fluids leak away from your car, you may also be experiencing some leakage of energy, time, money, or creativity in your life.
4.       No opportunities. If your passenger seat is so full of stuff that no one could ride with you, you may be closing off some great ideas or opportunities that would love to ride along with you.
5.       Name your car. It’s been a known fact that a car runs better when it has a name, probably because the owner relates to it on a personal basis and takes better care of it.

Making your car as enjoyable as possible is what this is all about. It’s important that you see your car as an extension of your living space and treat it as such. Just like your house, your automobile will take care of you if you take care of it."

I’m glad my daughter gifted  me with these personalized license plates. They make me feel happy every time I see them, which in turn nurtures my energy. Good Feng Shui all around!

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