Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thankgiving Decorating Feng Shui

What better time to celebrate your blessings than at Thanksgiving, which is a time when people gather with friends and families to share love and feelings of gratitude. Your home is a vessel for all these good feelings, therefore the more harmonious and welcoming you make it the more you let the blessings in. As we begin to plan for entertaining it's important to also prepare your home's Feng Shui energy. Preparing a home for the holidays implies a clean home with fresh energy, so clutter clearing and cleaning will be the desired initial Feng Shui steps; following steps include enhancing the areas following the Bagua, and having a balance of the 5 Feng Shui elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal

These gatherings usually take place in the dining room around a bounty of food, good will and laughter. Our dining rooms become our oasis where we nourish and renew our bodies, hearts and spirits. With Thanksgiving, it is the Earth element, the earth bounty, that is emphasized and celebrated. The element Earth is represented by shades of yellows, ceramics and rectangular shapes. Earth is enhanced by the Fire element represented by shades of red, cone shapes and representations of animals, people or fire. 

Candles, red flowers and place mats as the fire element and a variety of earthenware containers, yellow flowers, table settings representing the earth element are popular items with excellent Feng Shui energy for the Thanksgiving celebration. All of these as part of your home decor will strengthen the feelings of being grounded with family and friends.


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