Thursday, December 17, 2020

Invite Good Luck into Your Home with Feng Shui

The New Year is upon us and it’s time to shake up the energy and bring good luck into your homes. Feng Shui can help!  One way to invite luck into one’s home is to call in positive Ch’i through the front entrance. 

The Entrance Foyer is more than just the entry way inside your home or business. The area leading up to your front door, the actual threshold itself, and the area immediately inside your home or business (the foyer) are all considered part of your front entrance. This area is critical because this is the place of your guests’ first impressions and where the vital energy, called Ch’i, enters your home.  The word “entrance” means to “en – trance” your guests, and welcome them with beauty. By making your entrance fabulous you also attract and nourish the Ch’i to bring good luck and fortune your way.  

Here are a few easy tips for sprucing up your entrance and inviting good luck and happiness into your home:

1) Make sure you have good lighting in your entrance.

2) Sweep, and tidy up your front steps, porch or sidewalk.

3) Keep your home numbers visible, clean and polished

4) Hang a wind chime in your foyer. 


5) Hang nine bells on a red cord by the front door. The sound stimulates the Ch’i, nine is the number of  fulfillment and red symbolizes luck. 

6) Hang a beautiful wreath on your front door, and change the decorations seasonally.


7) Place fresh flower in your entry way. 


8) Place an attractive welcome mat outside and area rug inside.

9) If your home is at the end of a cul-de-sac or at a T intersection, hang a mirror facing oncoming cars to block the negative energy.

10) Finally place an object of beauty to be seen immediately as you open the door, ideally              representing  all five of the Feng Shui elements.


Each of these easy ideas will help welcome positive energy and good luck into your home and life for the New Year.  Blessings!

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