Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Strengthening Inner Feng Shui Through the Hawaiian Ritual of Forgiveness

Having just returned from the Zen of the Hawaiian Islands, I was exposed to the ancient Hawaiian philosophy of Ho’oponopono, causing things to move back into balance. This Zen concept means that when you are in balance, nothing is off. This is perfectly tied into Inner Feng Shui. 

In Feng Shui you strengthen your center when you connect with your inner self, creating a harmonious environment to live and work.

Your life unfolds based on how you think. If you think the positive thoughts, then life unfolds accordingly. If you think negative thoughts, then life unfolds accordingly. Controlling your thoughts is one of the most difficult things you can do, because the mind, left to its own devices can randomly jump from one thought to the next. One thought makes you happy; another makes you sad, another thought starts you worrying about something that only “might happen”. 


Whenever you are having difficult thoughts that are non-productive and stressing you out, it is time to take control of  them and focus on happier ones, expressing gratitude. The practice of Ho’oponopono will do just that,  and you can do it in just four easy steps. 

Just stop to take a few deep breaths, find something of beauty as a focus, and repeat this mantra to yourself: 

                                                            I am sorry.

                                                            Please forgive me.

                                                            I love you.

                                                            Thank you.

Let your light shine, with calmness and peace. 



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