Thursday, May 19, 2022

Creating a Gateway to Your Feng Shui Paradise

In Feng Shui one of the most important areas of your home is your front entrance. This is called “The Mouth of Ch’i” or where the positive life force energy enters your home. From the outside realtors refer to this as “curb appeal.”  It is recommended to somehow create a “gateway” for people to enter, using an inexpensive arbor and colorful flowers. This can also be a gated area, or just a border of healthy flowers. It gives people the illusion that they are entering into a special place, setting the tone for a special coming experience. In Feng Shui the flow of energy is very important, and the gateway establishes how the flow of energy or Ch'i enters the garden.


Create an entrance or gateway that is enticing, with views of a comfortable path leading inside, with hints of warmth, protection, and enjoyment ahead. Remember that every structure within the garden creates its own energy, therefore it needs to be structurally sound, inviting, and beautiful. 


This size of the gateway should be proportional to the house. Gates should open inward and be symmetrical, friendly, and inviting.  If using vines on your gateway, keep them trimmed to keep them from engulfing and blocking. Finally, as in everything in Feng Shui, always keep your gateways in good condition, to avoid negative energy from entering. 



Some sort of accent, such as a small water feature, a statue, a bird bath, or interesting plants should be a part of the entry experience.  There should be a nice flow to the entry without sharp turns.  Another suggestion is to put something that moves in front of your house: a flag, windsock, whirligig, and or fountain. Movement attracts attention and draws people in.  Look at your home from various angles to ensure that the first thing you see is uncluttered, engaging and beautiful.


Welcome to your Feng Shui paradise!

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