Thursday, June 16, 2022

The Feng Shui "Center" is the Heart of Your Home

How grounded and connected to your center are you feeling right now? Are you at peace with your decisions and comfortable with you life’s flow? If not, what can you do to improve that? Feng Shui can help!

Feng Shui teaches us the importance of balancing the five elements, and enhancing the eight trigrams areas of the Bagua in your home. But the Bagua is made up of nine areas. The "Center" is not a Bagua trigram but is called the “hub” of the wheel – the core of the Bagua. Not one of the eight trigrams but what’s known as “The Center”. This is the most powerful area because it grounds and energizes the rest of your life’s treasures. You can nurture your ability to remain centered through life’s many changes by directly connecting with the earth every day. I call it the HEART of the home.


In the Feng Shui  Bagua  Map, represented  as a grid of nine sectors, the Center area is located in the center  of your home/office/business. The Bagua comes from the Chinese philosophy, “The I Ching,” and literally means “eight trigrams.” In the “I Ching” the Center area of your home or business is a neutral place; a perfect balance of yin and yang – a place of peace. 


The element for the Center is Earth, suggesting the importance of arranging your life around a solid base. It is related to the color yellow and symbolized by the shape of the square or rectangle. Enhance this area when you want to cultivate the experience of being grounded and centered, or when you want to harmonize and balance different parts of life such as Love and Career, or Wealth and Creativity.

To enhance your Center area inside your home:

  • Art in earth tones (yellows, rust, browns)
  • Items made of ceramics or pottery
  • Items in the yellow color spectrum
  • Ceramic tiles, bricks
  • Rectangular shapes 
  • Quotes pertaining to feeling centered and grounded


 To enhance your Center area outside your home: (Especially important if you have a U shaped home)

  • This is an ideal area for a courtyard or atrium   
  • Garden art and statuary in ceramics
  • Ceramic tiles, pots and benches
  • Items, flowers, plants in the yellow spectrum
  • Square or rectangular shapes   


The Element of the Center:

The element for this area is Earth, which is represented by the soil.  When In balance in your home it enhances a feeling of being grounded, balanced, organized, and stable. Too much earth makes you overly disciplined and conservative, while too little brings on feelings of spaciness and chaos.

 It's time to get grounded! Hanging s simple earth tone piece of art will begin moving the Ch'i paving the way for a more centered life.




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