Thursday, August 11, 2022

Join me in more Feng Shui fun!

Here are some easy ways to join me in learning the powerful art of Feng Shui.

The first is through a relaxed, instructive, and fun virtual home or business consult, which takes about two hours, in the comfort of your personal environment.  After an initial phone call to discuss your needs, my process, fees, and to schedule a consult, you would just email me a picture of the layout of your home, and pictures of each room.  I draw the Bagua over your layout and return it to you for refence and create a slideshow of your pictures on my computer.  At the time of the consult, over the phone, I share an introduction to Feng Shui, the principles, focus and Bagua map. I then virtually move through the pictures of your home, recommending enhancements for each area. For booking the consultation, you receive a written report and future unlimited, complimentary questions and pictures via text or email. I try to be available to you as you navigate through the process of enhancement. 

The second fun way to learn about Feng Shui is by going to my website and clicking or articles, which I have organized by topic in a table of contents. You can also scroll through my Blog to get other ideas.


Whatever venue you choose, you will not be disappointed. You can read other clients’ experiences in my testimonials.  Your new learning will lead to life changing enhancements, and a lot of fun!

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